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Scott Brown The Celeb Baby Maker

Scott Brown: The Celeb Baby Maker
November 11, 2009 – 10:00 am by Zach Krantz
Did you ever wish you looked more like a superstar athlete? Or maybe that your kids looked like some big name movie star? Well now there is a way for that to happen….well sort of.  The California Cryobank has given everyone the shot to choose what superstar they want their baby to almost look like.  CCB Donor Look-a-Likes can be actors, athletes, musicians, or anyone else famous enough to be found on google images.  So you can find the most perfect celeb you want right there on your computer and almost match it up to a donor. I almost find this weird…in fact I find this really weird.  I know some people can’t have children and I feel bad for them, especially if they want a family, but am I the only one that thinks this is creepy? I mean can you imagine having a child that looks close to let’s say….Tiger Woods, Brett Favre? Maybe even Jeremy Shockey? Or Luke Walton. (These are some of the most requested through the CCB).
There are plenty of people that donate sperm to these banks for the right reasons, and some just for the cash. I hope that somewhere in the world right now someone doesn’t go and pay extra for their kid to look as close as can be to Brett Favre and when it’s all said and done, looks more like the kid I lived next to in college who was a frequent donor.  That  wouldn’t be worth the extra cash, well unless you like the drunken, hippy, haven’t been to school in three years look.
Scott Brown, from California’s Cryobank, joined KNBR in San Francisco and talked about his work collecting sperm of athlete look-a-likes, the process of finding a match and who they most popular matches have been so far.
Asked about what his mission statement is to people for this service:
“My topic statement is basically we’re not telling people you’re going to have a kid that looks like Luke Walton or Oscar De La Hoya or Joe Montana.; were simply trying to personalize the sperm donor selection process and when people go through the process normally they are looking at ethnicity, height, weight and eye color and all the things you would naturally assume a parent would be looking for in a sperm donor.  But it’s like recruiting a basketball team, you got all these stats, their medical history and genetic background, but you don’t really know what they look like because it’s an anyonomus program.  So what we were able to do is put faces to all these numbers for people and it’s been huge.”
Asked who makes the call on which celeb matches the donor:
“That’s actually me and a whole group I put together.  I figured this wasn’t the responsibility I can take on my shoulders by myself.  We spent 20 years playing this game of I give you a seven for John McClain and I was never really good at it frankly.  So I knew this was a far bigger task then I was up to myself, so I got a group of different men and woman, different age groups, different ethnicities, people with different interests at the Cryobank to all sit down and go through this with me.  It took us basically nine months of just going through picture after picture, searching, watching TV.  Every time I watch a TV show or a movie now I am looking at the cast, is there somebody here I can actually use later on.  Everytime I watch a football game, and they show you the guys actual face, because you never see him, I am like ‘oh wait look at that guy he has a good kind of general look, let’s remember that’, it’s a group effort.”

Asked if people actually come in ask for example for the Brett Favre donor:
“I think what it is, is that people actually search for groups of characteristics and light hair light eyes, dark hair dark eyes.  And Shockey, Brett, and Luke (Walton) have that light hair, light eyes thing and I think that’s why those guys are popping up so much. Also I think some people are into that athletic build and when we do the look a likes, we don’t just purely look at the facial features, we look at overall style of the guy, his build and what his background is and what his interests are. We put athletes with athletes and artsy guys with artsy guys to help the clients figure out what they were doing.”
Listen to Scott Brown, from California’s Cryobank, on KNBR in SF with Murph and Mac
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