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Saints’ Backup QB Chase Daniel on the Gregg Williams Audio: “It’s Tough to Hear Stuff Like That”
August 24, 2012 – 7:15 am by Brad Gagnon
The New Orleans Saints bounty scandal isn’t going away. It’s fading because real football is back, but so long as the legal challenges linger and the outrage exists, the story will have life. The latest member of the Saints organization to comment on the scandal is backup quarterback Chase Daniel.

Chase Daniel joined Josh Innes and Rich Lord on KILT in Houston to discuss the bounty scandal, specifically touching on the Gregg Williams audio and his feeling that the team has been portrayed incorrectly by the media.
On how he feels about the attention connected to the bounty scandal:
“We can’t help what happened to us. And it hurts to hear your teammates talked about so badly sometimes in national media, but we don’t worry about that. We worry about preparing our butt off each and every week.”
On the team not taking this lying down:
“I don’t think so. I think we feel like we’re innocent in this whole situation and being what it may be, it doesn’t have anything to do with the 53 people in the building. And that’s the approach we’re taking and we’re trying to move forward with it.”
On his reaction to the audio tape that contains Gregg Williams discussing bounties:
“It’s tough to hear stuff like that. But hey, it’s football. By no means do I feel like he wanted to hurt anyone or meant it like it might have sounded. But that’s how the game goes sometimes. It’s a physical game, physical nature, and we definitely don’t condone any type of bounties, or any type of people getting hurt for money or anything like that around here.”
A final take on the scandal and the audio tape:
“I think it’s a tough situation for all. And it’s unfortunate that that audio tape was leaked and that it cast such a bad light around this program because that’s not how we operate around here.”
Listen to Chase Daniel on KILT here
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