Ron Jaworski Hammers Max Hall Arizona Cardinals


Ron Jaworski Hammers Max Hall, Arizona Cardinals
October 29, 2010 – 7:30 am by Eric Schmoldt
The Arizona Cardinals’ quarterback drama has found another chapter. In case you haven’t been following along, it goes something like this: Matt Leinart is our starter;Leinart out and Derek Anderson is in; Anderson is out and we’re going to give undrafted rookie Max Hall a start; holy smokes we won in Hall’s debut; Hall’s out and we’re going back to Anderson.
Follow all that? Good. Now get this … ESPN analyst Ron Jaworski says in the following interview that he can’t find a reason that Arizona coach Ken Whisenhunt would play Hall. Apparently the film is that bad on the former BYU quarterback.

Ron Jaworski joined KTAR in Phoenix with Gambo and Ash to discuss what he sees from Max Hall on film, why Arizona would play him, the threat of the Cardinals losing wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald, the status of Brett Favre and the Vikings, whether the best thing for the Vikings would be to rest Favre and what it’s like to sit and chat with Peyton Manning ahead of the Monday night game.
On what he sees in studying Max Hall:
“The one thing that we’ve heard about Max, the moxie, the leadership and all that, those are wonderful attributes for a quarterback. But the attributes that you have to be able to have to be successful, week-in and week-out, over a long period of time, is the ability to throw the football accurately and with velocity. Clearly, when I look at the tape, I don’t see either of those. I don’t see the ball going down the field. … You just don’t see a skill set that projects to be a consistent NFL quarterback. Things don’t look good when you’re on the field with Max Hall, it’s that simple. … The skill set just isn’t there.”
On why Ken Whisenhunt plays him then?:
“I can’t answer that. I don’t know. If you do think you can develop Max Hall, that’s wonderful. It’s going to be a project, at best, but if that’s how the coaches feel, that’s great for them. But it’s not great for the rest of the football team. As you just said, the players want to win now. You have the NFC West, which is wide open right now. … When I look at the skill set, Derek Anderson gives you your best chance to win now. The one thing I’m beginning to see seep in is the wide receivers not finishing their routes, not working as hard as you have to. They’re just not getting the football, and if it comes their way, it’s inaccurate. … Receivers begin to lose confidence in their quarterback.”
On the threat of losing Larry Fitzgerald:
“I can’t see Larry Fitzgerald staying there in the present status of this football team. I just can’t see it. It’s a football team that, in the preseason, was approaching becoming more of a running team. … That just hasn’t happened. When you have outstanding receivers, you already have Anquan Boldin now at Baltimore. Larry Fitzgerald … with 29 catches is somewhat of an embarrassment for a guy with that skill set. And he’s going to look at his team and say, ‘Hey guys, this probably isn’t the right place for me.’”
On Brett Favre and the Vikings:
“I think Randy Moss better make some plays for his new team, not worry about how they’re going to beat his old team. That’s kind of how I look at it. I really thought that Randy Moss had a poor game last week and if he would’ve come to the party, they probably wouldn’t be in the situation that they’re in right now. In regards to Brett Favre, the guy’s a warrior. These are the games he lives for. He’s wounded, he’s hobbled, he’s not practicing. … I believe he will play in this game and I also believe he will play well.”
On whether the Vikings’ best interest is to rest him:
“You’re thinking logically, that’s not the way this always works. … You wanna be the guy to tell Brett Favre you’ve got a streak of 291 games and I’m not letting you go on the field? Are you crazy?  You do not want to be that guy. It’s got to be Brett Favre’s decision.”
Listen to Ron Jaworski on KTAR in Phoenix here
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