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Peyton Manning On the Routine in Denver and What the Broncos Can Build On


Peyton Manning On the Routine in Denver and What the Broncos Can Build On
September 17, 2012 – 7:30 am by Brad Gagnon
The Peyton Manning era in Denver got off to a good start, with the Broncos beating the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 1. This week, Manning and the Broncos are once again in prime time and they’re facing another tough defense in Atlanta. Ahead of tonight’s game, Manning says he’s comfortable with where he’s at with the Broncos.

Peyton Manning joined Dave Logan on KOA in Denver to discuss what he took from the Pittsburgh game, his comfort level with the routine in Denver and the team’s approach to practices and meetings.
On what he took from the season-opening game against Pittsburgh:
“There was some guys doing some really good things, finishing some blocks. Zane Beadles was down field on that screen touchdown to DT (Demaryius Thomas). Matt Willis sprinted all the way from the back side and blocked the corner, so there was good effort. Of course there were things we could build on. Couple of missed assignments by everybody on the offense that you’d like to eliminate, and you’d like not to have those three-and-outs, like we had a couple. And third-and-ones, like to be able to convert those. So some things we can build on. We have an entirely different test this week going on the road, playing a different type of defense, so it’ll be a good test. I thought last week was a good start.”
On getting acclimated to the routine in Denver:
“I’m still learning along the way. Obviously, I think after these first few weeks of the regular-season schedule I will kind of know the routine as far as how much time we’re gonna have in meetings to get certain films looked at, what all we’re getting accomplished in practice, what you need extra work on. Still it’s still a little bit of a process there.”
On the team’s approach to meetings and the busy schedule they have:
“We meet together as a team a lot, which I think is important because you’re always kind of all on the same page as an offense. If Mike McCoy says something, everybody on the offense sees it. And then we practice before lunch and then meet again after lunch. So if you’re not practicing, you’re pretty much meeting. If you’re not meeting, you’re pretty much practicing. It’s a pretty full schedule, I’d say, from 7 a.m. all the way to 5 p.m.”
Listen to Peyton Manning on KOA here
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