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It’s the time of year where everyone tosses around the good, old water-cooler discussions of whether it’s truly good for a top NFL team to get a bye in the first week of the playoffs or perhaps whether it’s harder to beat a team three times in one season or twice in a short span. Denver Broncos coach John Fox isn’t buying into any of that discussion as his team exits a bye week looking to beat Baltimore for the second time in less than a month. John Fox joined KOA in Denver with The Dave Logan Show to discuss watching the Baltimore-Indianapolis playoff game, how different the Ravens are from when Denver beat them in Week 15, what the Broncos have to stop in order to win Saturday, if it’s hard to beat a good team twice in a short span and whether it’s good that Denver had a bye to start the playoffs.

Did you watch the Baltimore-Indianapolis game on TV?:

“Yeah, I definitely watched the game and then at the conclusion of the game, came back to [the offices] and later [Sunday] night had what we call the all-22 or coach’s copy of the game, and basically did the starting lineups and really all three phases, just to see what’s changed, what’s different, from last go-round.”

How different are they — with players returning and Anquan Boldin having a big game — from when you guys beat them 34-17 in Week 15?:

“Just changes in depth chart, they’ve kind of retooled their offensive line. Their receivers have stayed the same. … That’s been the biggest difference is the adjustments they’ve made on the offensive line. The skill people all played against us, so that part should be the same.”

They didn’t have any success running the ball against you guys, but looked good Sunday. How do you think they will attack you and what will you tell your team they definitely have to stop?:

“I think everybody comes out and tries to run the ball — I think that’s pretty universal around the league. I don’t think it’ll be any different. They check you out and see how committed you are to stop the run and go to their play action and those types of things. I think that’s what they did against Indianapolis.”

One of the sayings is it’s hard to beat a good team twice in a short period of time. Do you believe that?:

“I don’t necessarily believe it. I think every one of these games takes on its own personality, even the same team. I’ve been in seasons where we’ve played a team three times in one season. Obviously with division opponents, you play everybody twice. I don’t think the first game has anything to do with the second, or even the case of playing them the third time, I don’t think anything changes there, either. It’s whoever executes best on that particular day, and this will be no different than, probably, ever.”

On the yearly argument of whether it’s an advantage to have a bye in the first week of the playoffs:

“I think, really, it doesn’t have much to do with anything. It kind of is what it is as far as having a bye. It’s like, ‘What’s your record coming off a bye? What’s your record before a bye?’ I’ve always been of the belief that it’s who you are and who they are and that’s why you play the game. We’re real excited and I’m sure Baltimore’s very excited. You get to this point in the season and they’re all good teams. You’re not going to be able to float through a playoff run by any stretch, and that’s what makes it so exciting.”

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