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Sidney Rice Claims Darrell Bevell’s Playbook Is Why He Signed With Seattle, Feels Tarvaris Jackson Didn’t Get A Fair Chance In Minnesota
August 2, 2011 – 7:30 am by Steven Cuce
Despite missing the first nine games of the 2010 season while recovering from hip surgery last August, and then producing only 16 receptions and two touchdowns in the six games he did appear,  Sidney Rice inked a 5-year, $41 million dollar contract with the Seattle Seahawks last week.  Rice cited his familiarity with Darrell Bevell’s playbook dating back to their time together in Minnesota as the deciding factor for signing with the Seahawks. The move by John Schneider and Pete Carroll has a lot of upside if Rice can regain his dominant form from 2009 where he racked up 1,312 yards with eight touchdown catches.
Rice is already excited to be playing in Seattle and he sounds confident in Tarvaris Jackson’s ability after playing with the Seahawks new quarterback in Minnesota. You would have to think John Schneider was extremely happy to add a wide receiver who is familiar with Jackson considering that most critics around the NFL are confused as to why the Seahawks GM swapped multiple draft picks with San Diego for a third string quarterback in Charlie Whitehurst last off-season, and now has added a career back up in Jackson to compete for the starting job under center.

Sidney Rice joined 950 KJR with Dave ‘Softy’ Mahler to discuss Darrell Bevell’s playbook being the major factor why he signed with the Seattle Seahawks, coaching up the younger players who do not know the offensive system in Seattle, the status of his hip injury from last season, being an even better player than he was in 2009 now that he’s fully healed from last August’s hip surgery, and why Tarvaris Jackson can be an effective starter and leader for the Seattle Seahawks.
How much of a factor was it knowing Darrell Bevell’s playbook in order for you to sign with the Seahawks? Was that the factor in the end?
“Yes definitely. Huge. Like I said before you always want to be around familiar things and familiar faces. I feel comfortable with Darrell Bevell’s playbook. That’s the only playbook I had in my whole career, so I got here and only a few things changed in it, but easy things to pick up. I’m looking forward to getting out on the field and playing some ball.”
How much do you find yourself coaching up the young guys who don’t know this offensive system here in Seattle?
“A lot of the time. Even with the coaches. Coach Kippy Brown didn’t have this playbook last year. In the meeting room he will ask me a question did you guys run it like this? Such and such. It’s always nice to be able to fill those guys in and let the younger guys know that any question that you have no matter if we are out on the field or in the cafeteria or if we are in the locker-room if you have any questions feels free to ask. I know every position on there. I’m here to help.”
Tell me about the hip and where that is at right now?
“Feeling pretty good. I’ve been running my routes and everything. I’m anxious to get out here and practice to see how I feel going against some defensive backs and things like that. It’s going to happen soon this coming week and I am ready for it. We only have a week after that before we are out on the field full-contact playing against another team. I’m ready for it.”
Do you think that despite the hip injury and rehab you went through last season that you can be the same player or even a better player in 2011?
“That’s my goal. That’s my goal to stay healthy and play 16 games and take this team as far off into the playoffs as I can. We want to win it all. You can’t set your goals on making the playoffs. You gotta go all the way to the top. I’m here to help this team in any way possible get to where we want to be.”
Tell me why you think Tarvaris Jackson can be a starter and leader for this team?
“First of all I don’t think he would be here if Coach Carroll and this organization didn’t feel the same way about him. I played with him for the last four years of my career and I know what he is capable of. I never felt like he was given a fair opportunity in Minnesota, so I’m looking forward to him getting out here and letting it loose and playing the kind of football I know he is capable of playing.”
Listen to Sidney Rice on 950 KJR here
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