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The NFL Scouting Combine has wrapped up. Now Pro Days and individual workouts are going on with NFL teams as the draft quickly approaches. One of the most intriguing positions this year is quarterback. Last year four QB’s went in the first round. Same thing with This year? Well, this year there are huge question marks about every QB prospect. One name that has created a bit of buzz since the end of the season is NC State’s Mike Glennon. The successor to Russell Wilson got two years starting experience with the Wolfpack and each season tossed over 30 touchdowns. Now he also showed a lot of inconsistency with the ‘Pack as well. At 6-7 with a strong arm, Glennon is an intriguing prospect but any team that takes a chance in the first round will leave disappointed.

Mike Glennon joined WFNZ in Charlotte on the Mac Attack to talk about what his combine experience was like, whether he got a feeling of what teams are interested in him, on his relationship with Russell Wilson, if he has a feeling where he may be selected in April and if he has heard anyone say he is too tall.

What his combine experience was like:

“I think the Senior Bowl kind of prepared me for it. How you have to be on top of your game at all times. Always being evaluated. Always being mentally drained because you’re up, the latest I ever got up was 6:00 and was going to bed at 11:30 or 12:00 if I could fall asleep. Just very long days and four days in a row of getting little sleep really, so it’s a lot on your brain and an ability to stay mentally focused.”

Did you get a feeling of what teams are most interested in you?

“I think it was still early. Two months away from the draft and I’m sure I will have a better idea as it gets closer.”

On his relationship with Russell Wilson:

“Once he went to Wisconsin we texted briefly. This year we didn’t text as much because I knew he was pretty busy. I hope to get in touch with him in the future. It’s amazing the year he had. It was so great to see him do so well. It looked like it was like college again for him. He was doing the same things there as he was at NC State so it was definitely amazing. It gives me a lot of confidence. The past two quarterbacks our coaches have had were Matt Ryan and Russell. Both went on to have great rookie years and definitely gives me a lot of confidence that I can go in and do the same thing.”

On the weirdest question he was asked:

“It wasn’t as insane as I thought. You hear so much in the media about all these weird questions they ask but I didn’t get too many. I can’t really think of any off the wall questions that they asked me. I guess the weirdest one was they said a few words and then you had to say the first word that comes to mind. They asked serious questions like they would say Tom O’Brien and then I had to say the first word that came to mind.”

If he has a feeling on where he is expected to go in the draft at this point:

“I’m not sure yet. It’s still a long ways to go and I can’t really put a round mark on it. I don’t want to jinx myself but I feel confident in what I can do and I think there are teams out there that like what I can do. I’d like to go as high as possible but more importantly I want to find a team that fits what I do and will help me excel so I will be a successful quarterback.”

Whether he has heard anyone say that he’s too tall:

“No one really said anything straight up to me but every year there is something. Russell was too short. Probably say I’m too tall. There’s always something wrong with every player so I think I will do just fine with my height and I don’t consider it a problem at all.”

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