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LeBron James wasn’t the only member of the Miami Heat to celebrate their first NBA Championship last week. Among a long list of players that put in so much blood, sweat and tears to capture their elusive title was Juwan Howard. It took him 18 years but Juwan Howard will always be able to say that he is an NBA Champion. Even though he was rarely used and often glued to the end of the bench, he is now the only member of Michigan’s Fab Five to have a ring and he had the respect of all of his teammates which became evident as the season went on and during the Heat’s celebration.Juwan Howard joined 790 the Ticket in Miami on the Jason Jackson Show to talk about how the parade and the celebration was in Miami, whether he understands the hate towards LeBron James from outside of Cleveland, what he thinks LeBron felt after winning his first ring, how nice it is to be as respected by his teammates as he is and if he plans on continuing his NBA career.

How the parade and the celebration was in Miami:

“That was actually one of my favorite parts of winning the championship was that parade and seeing all the fans, all the people that came out to support us to say ‘hey this is our championship’ and it sure is. It’s the city’s championship because they share in it as well as the players and the organization. They helped make it possible. They were like our driving force, our sixth man, people that gave us unconditional love, believed in us when other people out there didn’t believe in us, hated on us, the city of Miami always was in our corner. That parade was awesome and not only that but the event that was in the arena, that energy. (Host: You mean your cabbage patch party?) Hey man I had to do the throwback cabbage patch. I said at that moment ‘I’m just going to go ahead and give it to them. This is my time. Enjoy it, every minute of it’ and I did.”

Whether he understand the hate towards LeBron James from outside of Cleveland:

“I totally agree with you man. I never understood. A place like New York or another city like LA, like what are you booing for? I’m from Chicago and you have your Bulls. LeBron made a decision and it’s not like the man has ever committed a crime, he hasn’t been pulled over for a DUI, he didn’t rape nobody, like come on now. The guy made a business decision that was best for he and his family and okay if you disagree with how he did it okay we will give you that but that being said the man also helped raise a ton of money for the community of Boys and Girls Club. No one ever talked about that. We’re talking three million dollars almost.”

What it was like for LeBron to win his first ring:

“He embraced it man. He told everyone out there ‘about damn time.’ You know what, I’d also say that the guy has been to the Finals three times. Yes he came up short twice but he’s won it now and you can just tell by that big smile he had on his face, he’s sitting up there hugging that trophy on stage the night that we won it and then grabbed that MVP, he didn’t care about the MVP trophy, he wanted that championship because he is all about team. He’s always been a team guy first. (Host: He hugged that trophy like it was his third child.) Yes he did. He didn’t want to let go and I was like ‘come on man let me get it, let me hold it a little bit.”

How nice it is to be so respected by his teammates:

“It is man. To see those guys, they came up in a different era and they watched me when I played at Michigan and playing in the NBA early on in my career, some of them were still in diapers but they appreciate the fact that I go out there, I work hard and I prepare myself night in and night out like I’m a rotation player, like I’m going to get 25 minutes a night. I never know when my name is going to be called but whenever Erik Spoelstra calls me to go in the game I try to stay ready and set a good example for those guys. I just love it. I have passion for the game and to finish 18 years in the NBA it’s truly a blessing and I thank God for good health but I worked my ass off. I work hard in the offseason with my trainer who I’ve had throughout my career, Tim Grover. I invested in my body and I try to of course eat right because I think that is very important and not only that but just get rest. I try not to be all out in the streets other than these last four days but that is very important and I try to show that to the young guys too. You have to come to practice, play hard, work hard in practice and as you continue to grow in practice you will grow in the game. It’s like a translation. It translates into the game situation.”

If he plans on continuing his NBA career:

“I’ve been thinking about this for some time and I haven’t made a final decision but I am leaning towards coming back and playing again for a 19th NBA season. If I make it 19 then I might as well go for 20 (Laughing). When you look at guys like Karl Malone, Robert Parrish, Kareem Abdul Jabaar and Kevin Willis those guys as an example just because they had longevity and long careers in the NBA, you’re talking like they played over 18 years plus and some lasted for 20 or 21. They did it the right way. I thank God I do have options. I love my teammates, I love being a part of the Miami Heat organization, the Miami Heat family and this is where I want to be. I would love to come back and play for the Miami Heat if I get an opportunity to.”

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