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Brian Baldinger Is Not The Biggest Fan Of Jamarcus Russell


Brian Baldinger is not the biggest fan of JaMarcus Russell

Brian Baldinger was a brash offensive lineman for the Cowboys, Colts and Eagles and has taken that brashness to his broadcasting career as well. He knows all about the NFL and has an opinion on anything and everything NFL. He is great on the radio and is always a great interview. Plus, he has the creepiest pinky in the history of America, but I digress. From the fine on Brady Quinn in the Baltimore Monday Night game, whether is was deserving or not, to the struggles of the teams playing in the NFC East, Baldinger has an opinion on it.But what got me to listen and write about this particular interview was his comments on the Oakland Raiders and in particular JaMarcus Russell and Darren McFadden. JaMarcus Russell was the first overall selection of the NFL Draft and has been terrible, not living up to any of the hype of a #1 pick. Darren McFadden was the #4 pick of the 2008 draft and again so far he has been injured and a bust. The Raiders not necessarily known for there great drafting prowess have really dropped the ball the last few years, the  jury is still out on Heyward-Bey, we can’t rip a guy (Editor’s note:  Yes we can.  He’s terrible) halfway into his rookie year (although Mike Crabtree held out until week 7 and has more catches, 18 on the season, then Heyward-Bey, six total catches for the season). The Raiders are the laughingstock of the NFL right now and its a shame considering at one point they were one of the most feared franchises in the NFL.

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Asked about Brady Quinn’s hit on Terrell Suggs:

“I don’t see the intent, I know their wasn’t malcontent to do it, ill will or whatever it is.  I think the only thing I can think of is Suggs is one of the premier pass rushers in the league is out and because he got hurt on the play, a play that happens to him a lot during the course of the game, we don’t see the number of chop blocks in the line of scrimmage very often.  Its a play that happens pretty regularly in the game. Because it happened from a quarterback trying to throw a block, now its gets penalized because he is hurt.”

Asked about the NFC East:

“The NFC East is way up for grabs, any of these teams can grab it,  I mean anybody who decides to get hot.  People thought Dallas might and then they didn’t play well in Green Bay, at least offensively, but defensively they have been consistently very good the last six weeks.  The Giants got the bye week at the right time and this week will be the fourth team that they (Falcons) play coming off their bye week.  Its really unfair, you can handle one week, you might be able to handle two during the season, but this is the fourth time that it has happened in the first 11 weeks of the season.  It comes at a great time, they have given up 18 touchdowns in the last four losses, they have been the worst defense in the league the last four weeks.  They get a bye week, they get Aaron Ross back, MIchael Boley back,  I mean they will be full speed.  You know that Tom Coughlin is one of these coaches that says take a week off, get away from football, get healthy.  He didn’t do that.  He went back to the basics, to the fundamentals like maybe defending a pass.  He doesn’t make life pleasant for anybody.  So they will be happy to play a game this weekend at the Meadowlands.  They are going to catch a Falcons team minus Michael Turner, Matt Ryan has thrown 11 interceptions the last six weeks, and everybody in the world is auditioning at left corner for the Falcons, I mean if you think you have any skills, if you can back peddle, you can try out for the Falcons, they cant find anybody to play left corner for them right now.”

Asked about Al Davis admitting picking JaMarcus Russell was a  mistake:

“Well the guy (Davis) said JaMarcus is a bust, McFadden is a bust, people are going to believe it or not believe it.  But you can’t lie to the other 52 guys in the locker room. This guy isn’t preparing they way NFL quarterbacks should prepare. Richard Seymour spent years with Tom Brady, he knows what it takes to win a game, just a game…forget about the Super Bowl, just to win a game on Sunday he knows what it takes.  So your seeing Russell with his headphones on and he is rocking out.  If it isn’t there you can lie to the other 52 guys. The irony in Oakland is your replacing JaMarcus Russell with Jamarcus Russell,  Gradkowski is as inaccurate as Jamarcus is. The one thing Bruce will do is he knows how to prepare, he is a pro.  He takes the game seriously, but look, Jon Gruden gave him a chance in Tampa, if you can throw the ball through a tire you got a chance to play and he can throw the ball through a tire.”

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