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Ty Lawson Has Improved Since Last Years Workouts


Put a notch in Ty Lawson’s belt.  Scouts look at players from year-to-year to determine whether or not a player has improved.  Below, Lawson details why scouts should be smiling while analyzing his game.  He’s a kid who likes to work and prove people wrong.  Since going through this whole pre-draft workout regimen last year (before pulling out of the draft), Lawson has elevated his ability to shoot the jumper.  Now, he’s being told to work on the defensive end.  Those hands were already speedy while searching for the ball; one shouldn’t underestimate his ability of being an even peskier defender.  I just like the guy’s tenacity after watching him win the NCAA tournament with the Tar Heels – I’m not a scout, but I’ll bet on him being a solid pro.  Ty Lawson joined 1070 The Fan in Indianapolis to discuss how burdensome this pre-draft regimen is, where he thinks he’ll go in the draft, and how he’s gotten better since last year at this time.

How stressful is the workout process?

“Yeah, it’s a little stressful flying from city to city, from day to day.  I’ll probably work out at Indiana, fly to New Jersey, and work out for them tomorrow.  So, it’s just life on the road, you get used to it.  I’m a little used to it since last year but it is a little stressful.”

How much did going through it last year help?

“It helped a lot, I went through the whole thing last year.  I didn’t make my decision till the last day, so I did like eight workouts.  So, I’m kinda used to it, you gotta get your rest once you get in to the city.”

Is the whole process a pain?

“No, not at all, ’cause I know exactly where my range is so I don’t have to do a bunch of these workouts this year.  Like last year, I think it was a pain ’cause my range was like first round to second round, I had to work for like 20 teams and things like that.  So, this year is a lot better, a lot less stressful.”

Where do you think you’re going in the draft?

“Probably 5-14, it probably won’t go past 17.  That’s the range I’ve been hearing so far.”

How have you improved since last year’s workouts?

“Last year, they told me I needed to work on my shot, so this year I shot 47% from 3-point line.  So, basically I’ve shown throughout the season what basically I’ve done or what I’ve improved on.  So far, it’s working on defense, pressuring, and things like that, and showing everyone I can shoot.”

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