Will Kellen Moore Receive a Phone Call on Draft Weekend?


While he was at Boise State, Kellen Moore started 52 games as the Broncos quarterback. He won a whopping 49 of them, making him the winningest college football quarterback in Division One history. Unfortunately that renders itself meaningless at the next level. As the NFL Draft approaches, Moore’s future is a bit cloudy and he has been pushed down the board when it comes to quarterback rankings in this year’s draft class. There is no denying that he was one of the best college quarterbacks of all-time and the best player to ever play on the “smurf turf,” but he doesn’t look the part of an NFL quarterback and I would not be comfortbale with him as my starter or backup at the next level.

Moore’s arm isn’t strong enough, he didn’t play against great competition and he is undersized. There are a lot of things working against Moore during the process but it should be mentioned that he was able to prove the naysayers wrong coming out of high school and will look to do that again, if he even gets a shot at the next level. Kellen Moore joined Fox Sports Radio with Petros and Money to talk about what he plans on doing during the days of the draft, on the pre-draft process, whether he thinks the evaluation process prior to the draft is fair, whether the teams have been asking him about arm strength, what his “Plan B” is if he doesn’t make it at the next level, and how tough is to not have control in the draft process.

What he plans on doing during the draft:

“Go back home. Go back to Washington where I grew up. Go back to the parent’s house for the weekend with a chance to get around family, hang out, see them for a little while, and we will enjoy the draft.”

On the pre-draft process:

“It’s an interesting situation. You enjoy it, you meet new people, and certainly there’s a lot of evaluations and just looking at every aspect of you as a person, as a football player, and it’s quite interesting. A lot of stuff you have to do once in your life and then after that you get to be a football player again so I’m very excited about that.”

Whether the evaluation process prior to the draft is fair:

“It’s probably a necessary process just because this is a big investment. The NFL is a big business and they want to evaluate the best they can and I think there’s just so many checkmark things along the process that you have to make sure of and dot their I’s and cross their t’s to make sure they are making accurate decisions.”

Whether the teams have been asking him about arm strength:

“Not a whole lot. They can figure that stuff out on tape. These coaches, they all know what they’re doing. They just want to get to know you as a person and go through that process. For some people they are going to evaluate you differently and there’s a lot of different opinions out there. You just have to figure out which team suits you best.”

What his “Plan B” is if he doesn’t make it in the NFL:

“We’ll have to see. Coach Pete (Chris Petersen) always has a line that’s called ‘be here now.’ Just focus on the task at hand and you know all I’m worried about is this process. Certainly beyond this as you move forward we’ll see what journeys it takes you, probably will always be associated with football in some form or fashion, whether playing probably or coaching because that is in my family and that’s something that I will probably be doing in the future.”

On the idea of not having control in the draft process:

“You have to quickly realize that you have no control. You’ve got 53 games of tape which is probably too much for some of these coaches to watch and nitpick but you have plenty of tape, you’ve been at the Senior Bowl, been at the Combine, done a lot of things at this point you have no control over it so relax and enjoy it and be a fan and eventually then you’ll get a call on the phone and see where it takes you.”

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