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Vince Young has no Regrets from Philadelphia, doesn’t Expect to Compete for a Starting Job in Buffalo

Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick is on the hook to make over $7 million in 2012 and a lot in the years to come after that. And that’s why Fitzpatrick is the undisputed starter in Buffalo right now. But it doesn’t take a lot to change comfort levels under center, especially when a 28-year-old former third overall pick is on the roster. That’s the case now that Vince Young has arrived in Buffalo to back up Fitzpatrick. New Bills quarterback Vince Young joined Tim Micallef and Sid Seixeiro on The Fan 590 in Toronto to explain why he decided to come to Buffalo, and how the Mario Williams signing has helped draw free agents to the city. He also touched on the timing of the signing and if he thinks he’ll have a chance to start at some point. And finally, Young touched on Michael Vick’s underrated work ethic and knowledge and addressed whether he himself is underrated.

On why he chose to come to Buffalo:

“Just a lot of respect. I see what a direction that we’re going and got a opportunity to learn from (quarterbacks coach David) Lee and Coach (Chan) Gailey. I’m just pretty excited about it. It’s a long tradition here and some great fans here as well. One of my closest cousin is Thurman Thomas, so to follow around in those footsteps is awesome too, as well.”

On if Mario Williams signing with the team opened the eyes of other free agents:

“Definitely. To add to the defense that already was a good defense as well, and the impact that he can bring as well as the rest of the guys on the defense. Like I said earlier, you just know, you feel the direction that the guys are going in and I felt like it was a great opportunity to be a part of a great team.”

On why he didn’t wait for training camp injuries to make teams more desperate:

“The whole thing is just getting into camp and OTAs. The biggest thing about NFL players is you wanna get your chemistry down with your guys, especially if you are new to the team and the system, as well as learning new terminology and learning a new offense. So I felt like it was a great opportunity to come in early. From last year, having a lockout and then going to a new team and trying to learn on the go, that was a pretty tough deal. So I felt like I have learned from that experience to get in somewhere and get on with a good team as well. And I’m gonna just go from there.”

On if, based on his strong winning percentage as a starter, he feels as though he’s underrated:

(Laughs) “No, not at all. The biggest thing is, like I said, I just wanna continue to keep working to answer my critics and naysayers and things like that. But the biggest thing is, it’s not about me. My whole thing is trying to represent my teammates and help out in any way I can to get us to where we need to be at, and that’s the ‘ship — going to the playoffs. And that’s the biggest key. And my talent, my leadership, that’s all I want to bring to the team and just keep guys excited about their job and working. And hopefully we get where we wanna be at the end of the day.”

On if he thinks there will be an opportunity to start at some point:

“Not that I know of. I know my role. Fitz (Ryan Fitzpatrick), he’s the starter, and right now I’m competing for the second job, second-string quarterback right now. So my whole thing is just waking up in the morning, working out, doing what’s been told and getting in the film room and the study room with Coach Lee and trying to soak up all the offense that I can before OTAs on the 29th get here. That’s my biggest role right now. That’s all I’m worrying about right now.”

On if he regrets how things went in Philadelphia:

“No, not at all. I felt like I had a good time in Philly. I had a good experience in Philly, from the players, coaching staff and the owner, Jeff Lurie. Especially Andy Reid and Marty (Mornhinweg), man, and hanging out with Mike Vick and Mike Kafka in the quarterback room. We had a great bond. So I learned a lot from the standpoint from studying more film and different schemes and protections that kinda help me out that can help me over here as well. But overall I don’t regret it at all. It was definitely tough trying to learn a offense in less than a month and during the whole season, but I put that challenge on myself. And I was in there doing extra work, studying and making sure when my time was to come that I was ready to go. So it’s the same thing over here. We got a starting quarterback already with Fitz, and my whole thing is is just staying ready and competing for the second string job.”

Something that people would be surprised to know about Michael Vick:

“Very smart. Very knowledgeable, man. Knowledgeable guy. He knows exactly what he wants and he’ll give you a lot of information on anything that’s going on in your life, especially in the game room. He studies a lot. A lot of people don’t know that. They know it now but they didn’t know he studies a lot, very smart. He puts in a lot of work. He’s funny, and this guy takes some hits and gets right back up. So I give him a lot of heart, man. A lot of heart.”

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