Andrew Luck: “I think I’m still very much a rookie quarterback trying to figure it out”


He’s been called the best quarterback prospect to come into the NFL since John Elway, he has been labeled “NFL ready” since he was a sophomore in college and he’s taking over for Peyton Manning in Indianapolis. Even though the expectations for Andrew Luck are through the dome that covers his new field, Luck is more than capable of living up to all of them. It’s rare to find a quarterback that possesses every quality that a team looks for in a franchise signal caller. Luck has it all. Charisma, poise beyond his years, accuracy, athleticism, smarts, arm strength, moxie, leadership and while it is just the preseason, Luck has shown those special qualities that made him the number one overall pick in the past NFL draft.

The Colts will go through some tough times during this rebuild. Luck will make his fair share of mistakes as most rookies do. Not to mention, the supporting cast around him leaves a lot to be desired, but as long as Luck is on Indy’s side, the Colts will be in great hands for years to come. It won’t be long before Luck’s name is mentioned alongside the “elite” QB’s in the NFL. Andrew Luck joined 1070 the Fan in Indianapolis with Dan Dakich to talk about how the transition to the NFL is going, what it means to feel like a rookie, whether he genuinely enjoys playing the game as much as it looks like he does, how different the Colts offense is compared to the one he ran in college and whether he thinks he is NFL ready.

On his transition to the NFL:

“I think I’m still very much a rookie quarterback trying to figure it out. As an offense we’re on the right path, I definitely think so. By no means are we perfect in any sense and got a lot of work to do. I do feel like a rookie a lot of times trying to figure things out but I think we’re on the right path and that is what is important.”

What it means to feel like a rookie:

“I think every now and then you make boneheaded mistakes. Call a play in the huddle and two seconds later you can’t remember one word that came out of your mouth and try to figure out what’s going on with the defense and you’re forgetting the snap count and just trying to stay alive out there.”

Whether he genuinely enjoys playing the game as much as it looks:

“I think so. I enjoy playing football. I think I feel very fortunate and very blessed to be in this position and I try to have fun with it. That’s not to say I’m smiling after a pick or a sack or a bad ball but I try to have fun and I realize how lucky I am to be playing a kids game as I guess a semi-adult.”

How different the Colts offense is compared to the one he ran in college:

“It was a completely different offense in terms of verbiage from what (Jim) Harbaugh and Coach Shaw ran at Stanford. This is very much sort of Bruce Arians’ playbook and Shaw and Harbaugh drew a lot from I think Bill Walsh and Harbaugh with Coach Schembechler when he was in Michigan so it was a lot of different words and sort of different styles of attacking a defense so I was just trying to find some common ground between the two early on so if we called one thing ‘chief’ at Stanford and we call it ‘dig’ in Arians offense, try and find that common ground.”

Whether he thinks he is NFL ready:

“I hope by week one I will be. I’m definitely looking forward to this last preseason game and hopefully getting some more experience and taking it practice-by-practice but I hope by week one I will be ready.”

On the pressure he was under in the third preseason game against the Redskins:

“Their defense did a good job of putting some pressure on us and our line and backs handled it well. Not as well as we would like. I felt some pressure in the first two games as well so it wasn’t the first time. It was a good test for us and a lot of the things on film that we will learn from.

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