Ultimate Guide To Buying Used Golf Clubs

If you are a fairly new golfer you might want to purchase used golf clubs as a technique to stretch your dollar further, while still improving your game with superior equipment. Actually, many golfers are on the alert for score lowering advantages.Without altering anything but your clubs, you can significantly improve your game. Correctly determining the shaft flex rating you want, the loft best for you, and the shaft length will go a long way in improving your score.

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Here are some figures that might possibly give you a new way to look at the game and help you pick your next clubs wisely:

• Tiger Woods has an average driver swing of 130 mph.
• The typical PGA Tour player’s driver swing is 115 mph.
• The typical LPGA professional player’s driver swing is 95 mph.
• The average young male golfer’s driver swing is 90 mph.
• The typical older male golfer’s driver swing is 80 mph.
• The average lady golfer’s driver swing is 60-70 mph.

The above data is probably why most manufacturers sell their clubs with the following shaft flex ratings:
Ladies (L), Seniors (A), Regular (R), Stiff (S), Extra Stiff (XS)


One technique to correctly assess whether you are using the correct flex is to look at your current results.If the ball tends to fade right you are probably using a shaft too stiff for you and if the ball tends to draw to the left, it is probably not stiff enough. These results don’t always hold, but are generally true.The easiest method to improve the distance your ball travels on a drive is to get a driver with increased flex in the driver shaft. Regretably, the easiest technique to improve the precision of your drive is to buy a driver with less flex in the driver shaft. And therein lies the predicament.


So how do you improve the distance short of forfeiting your precision? You increase the loft angle. Here are some all purpose rules of thumb. Unless you are Tiger Woods, a PGA Tour player, or LPGA player,

you are in all likelihood going to want one of the loft angles listed below:

• The average young male golfer needs a 12% loft angle.
• The average older male golfer needs a 13% loft angle.
• The average young lady golfer needs a 14% loft angle.
• The average older lady golfer needs a 15% loft angle.


To find the best shaft length for you, have somebody measure the distance from your wrist to the floor while you are standing. Get an average between the measurements from your left and right wrist.

• 41 inches or more, your 5-iron should be 39 1/2 inches
• 39-40 inches, your 5-iron should be 39 inches
• 37-38 inches, your 5-iron should be 38 1/2 inches
• 35-36 inches, your 5-iron should be 38 inches
• 33-34 inches, your 5-iron should be 37 1/2 inches
• 29 to 32 inches, your 5-iron should be 37 inches

Armed with the information above you will be able to buy used golf clubs and select the best clubs to improve your game. They will offer a great value for your investment and can be sold to another who wants to buy used golf clubs later.Want to find out how to buy used golf clubs? Then visit to find the best selection. Save time, money, and your game – purchase golf equipment used.

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