Tyreke Evans on His Position in the NBA: “I think I’m better with the ball in my hands”


Since Tyreke Evans’ rookie season where he averaged just over 20 points per game to go along with over five assists and more than five rebounds per game, Evans has regressed a bit. There have been injuries that have nagged him as well as coaching changes but it also looks like the Kings have struggled to come to a conclusion on where to play Evans on the court. Is he a 6-6 point guard? Is he a shooting guard that can’t really shoot? Or is he a small forward? As the Kings struggle to find the answers to those questions, it will be up to Evans to help them clear things up. The talent is there with Evans but if the Kings are going to take the next step, they need the former fourth overall pick to return to the form he showed his rookie season.

Tyreke Evans joined KHTK in Sacramento with Grant Napear to talk about him working on his jumper this offseason, what position he thinks he is best suited to play in the NBA, if it is hard for him to watch the playoffs from home when the Kings haven’t been there in years, what it will take for Sacramento to become a playoff team and how important it is for him to take his game to the next level and get recognition from his peers.

On what he is working on this offseason:

“We’ve been here three days and just working on the things they’ve given me in the game, the things they see off the tape. We’ve just been working really hard and I’m glad to work with them because they’re showing me a lot of different things that are helping me out with my jump shot. It’s looking good so far so we just have to keep working.”

On his dedication to getting better this offseason:

“Definitely. Its hard work time and I can’t stop. I just have to be ready for the season. I know it won’t be easy and I’m ready for training camp, ready to be willing to work and trying to get us to the playoffs next year.”

What position he thinks he is best suited to play in the NBA:

“It doesn’t really matter but if it was my decision I think I’m better with the ball in my hands but I did a good job of learning how to play the three spot, even though that is not my natural position, but I learned a lot of things that towards the end of the season I got better at. I just think it’s getting better and playing different positions and learning new things but I think I’m better with the ball in my hands.”

How tough it is for him to watch the playoffs given that he has never participated in them:

“Definitely. We all talk, me DeMarcus (Cousins) and Isaiah (Thomas), we talk in a group text and we talk about the playoffs, how exciting they look and we have the talent so we just talked about training camp and coming back earlier, most of us, getting the work in and getting ready for training camp.”

What it will take for the Kings to get to the playoffs:

“Just us coming together. You watch the teams in the playoffs and they all play together and that’s where we have to be. If it’s going good or bad, just keep playing. Once we do that I think we’re pretty good.”

How important it is for him to get better and get the recognition of his peers:

“It’s really important. I know I have the potential. The jump shot takes a lot of pressure off me and the defense, it kind of helps them if they know they can back up because they know I can get to the basket. Me knocking that down consistently, I could add another 10 points easy to my game.”

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