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Tom Brady is back, kids! Know what that means? That’s right: less updates about his injury from TMZ and more updates about his new wife, Gisele!  I kid. Anyway, Brady’s back at practice now and he’s also back on the interview circuit. And boy, did he get chatty with Dennis and Callahan, talking for 30 minutes (!) about his privacy, the possibility of the offense picking up where it left off in, the loss of Josh McDaniels, wearing a brace, and his teammates worrying about his off-field life with Gisele.

On picking up where they left off in:

“Well, our coach talks about getting better every day and I’d like to think that Wes [Welker] and Randy [Moss] have gotten better every day since they’ve been with our team. And they each had Pro Bowl years last year and the year before that, and to me, they’re what makes our offense go because they’re so explosive and so challenging on defense. And every defense that’s called is usually to stop Randy and Wes. I think we’ve got a very veteran group of running backs. We added receivers in Joey [Galloway] and Greg Lewis. It’s a very veteran, talented group.”

On wearing a brace next year during the season:

“Um, yeah. The surgeon told me — he’s comfortable with me not wearing it after a full year, that’s what most doctors say. You wear it for the full year and after the 12-month anniversary of the injury, it’s your choice. I guess there’s not a whole lot of scientific evidence about braces preventing injuries, I guess it’s a comfort thing for players. I’ll wear it — I have no problem wearing it. I’ll go from slow … to a little bit slower.”

On worrying about his teammates seeing him living Tom Brady’s media life:

“Well, you know, I think I take on different things. And I have a wife who across the world — she’s been working for a long time in different parts of the world. So there are times when her job takes her different places and I want to be supportive of her. And you know she lives in Boston now and every time I come home from work I love having her there and I think it’s the same for her when she’s working in different places … And all my teammates, most of them are married and some have kids and they know the responsibilities that come with that. And obviously there’s not as much privacy in my life now and I recognize that. Where like going to Brazil to see her family ends up being a big deal, to me it’s not.”

On his loss of privacy:

“It depends. I think earlier, a few years ago, it was a lot harder for me. Now I’m really desensitized to a lot of things. So people say these personal things that I would never ask a friend that people come and ask me that don’t even know me.  And you know, I kind of shrug it off, and I don’t blame anybody, and that’s just kind of the world we’re living in and I’m going to deal with it as best I know how. Hey, I’d love to go to a Red Sox game and be able to hang out and watch the game, but that’s not the way it’s going to be, so I just prefer to sit at home and watch the game. And that’s okay, and I’m not going to bitch about it, I’m just gonna make different choices.”

On Josh McDaniels leaving and the effect:

“Yeah, Josh was a great coach for us and he spent a lot of time with Coach Belichick. And he learned from the best and obviously people have come to the Patriots and said, okay we can’t get Coach Belichick, so who is available. And Josh is a young guy and he has a family and he doesn’t want to be coaching until he’s 60 years old. He’s always told me, ‘Tom, I want to coach until I’m comfortable and then move on.’ And I think he had an opportunity for a nice pay raise and there’s goals he has and he’s really a great coach and a great friend and like most guys, you hate to see him go, but the more you sit there and dwell on it, you’re preparing to beat them. And we’re all preparing to beat the Broncos because they’re on our schedule this year.”

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