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TJ Houshmandzadeh Is Starting His Free Agent Tour Early


TJ Houshmandzadeh Is Starting His Free Agent Tour Early

TJ Houshmandzadeh is the number one free agent wide receiver out there.  The Bengals can still franchise him, but I’m sure he wants out.  Who wouldn’t!Typically when an athlete goes on radio in another market and it’s the off-season he either knows the hosts well or he’s pimping something.  On Wednesday, Housh went on WPEN (ESPN Radio Philly) and WMVP (ESPN Radio Chicago) and he wasn’t pimping anything and he didn’t know the hosts.Hmmmm.  The only thing I can think of is he’s getting his name out there to different markets that could use a wide receiver and trying to start a groundswell amongst the media and the fans.

Three Men Playing Football

Pretty smart.

“To constantly lose and get your plane tickets to go home with four, five, six weeks left in the season, and then watch the playoffs and see guys like Larry Fitzgerald ball out and Santonio Holmes have a great Super Bowl, you just want to be on that stage.  That’s the  bottom line, you want to get on the stage to show what you can do.”

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