Tiger Woods Believes He Can Win Golf Tournaments Into His 50s

Tiger Woods is still 36 years old, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t thought about what his career could look like going forward. Woods was asked if he believes he can still win tournaments when he reaches 50 years of age and says he — and other players — can absolutely do that at certain courses.
Woods won two months ago at Bay Hill, but has taken plenty of flack since then from those wondering if he can return to his old form. Part of his strategy for getting there is playing more tournaments, which he says he’s excited about. Woods also says his confidence is growing and he’s hitting the ball better than he had. Tiger Woods joined 106.7 The Fan in Washington D.C. with The Sports Junkies to discuss how he’s striking the ball, his confidence level since playing. The Masters, his driving statistics, why he believes he can win into his 50s and why he’s playing more tournaments this year.

When you’re swinging a club now, how does it feel compared to when you won at Bay Hill two months ago?:

“I’m actually hitting it more solid. That’s the fun part. My compression’s better; my trajectory’s better. Things that we’ve been working on are starting to come together.”

How about your confidence level as compared to during The Masters?:

“It’s growing, it’s growing. We figured out some things that happened. I fell back into my old motor patterns at Augusta, how to shape shots. I’ve gone through that before and I’m just fighting through it.”

You rank third in total driving on tour. Is that another indicator to you that you’re on the right track?:

“Absolutely. That’s something that I’m proud of, becoming more efficient. My all-around stats are certainly a lot better than they have been in years. That’s something that we’re proud of. I’ve been close and I’ve just got to keep working, keep getting more efficient at what we’re doing.”

Looking down the road, do you think you can keep winning tournaments into your 50s?:

“Absolutely, 100 percent agree with that. It just has to be on the right golf course. It can’t be, at that age — well, by the time I’m at that age, it’ll be some golf courses over 8,000 yards. It’s probably not going to be at one of those; it’s probably going to be at a shorter golf course like you’d find at a British Open. Tom [Watson], at Turnberry, it was like the perfect Open. It was howling, it was a golf course he had won on and knew how to play and it was playing very quick. … You can certainly see a certain player playing into their 50s and being successful on a certain venue. You can’t do it on all venues, there’s no doubt. Some ballparks are just too big.”

You’ve increased your schedule this year. Why is that?:

“Well, I’m just playing more events. That’s one thing I said I was going to do and it’s something I’m excited to do. I’m excited to play new events. This year I added the Honda Classic and now Greenbrier. Last year, I played in the Fry’s. I’m trying to play at different places.”

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