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The First TO Radio Interview In Buffalo Shows He Doesn’t Want To Be There


The First TO Radio Interview In Buffalo Shows He Doesn’t Want To Be There
by Jimmy Shapiro

No more Monday night football games for TO in Buffalo.  Sorry Nicolette. On Saturday, the Buffalo Bills come out of nowhere and signed TO.  He did a brief press conference, but hadn’t done any one-on-one interviews since the signing.  We’ve heard from Lee Evans, Thurman Thomas, Trent Edwards, and Drew Rosenhaus, but haven’t heard from Terrell Owens himself.  Until now that is. SRI was just sent the first interview that TO did on local radio in Buffalo.  It was with The Shredd and Ragan Show on WEDG in Buffalo.

What did you think when your agent said Buffalo?

(7 second pause followed by TO repeating question, followed by four more seconds of dead air) “At that point in time I was just going up there to have a meeting and I thought that was just going to be the start of the process of trying to find me a team.  From that standpoint, once I got there I was very excited with the coaching staff, I met with the head coach and one thing kind of just happened after another.” Wow, listening to that shows how little TO wants to play in Buffalo.  When have you ever heard TO at a loss for words? Uh, never! After hearing that, anything he said after that about the Bills was just politically correct puff.

TO’s assessment of the Bills going into 2009:

“I’m looking forward to a lot of excitement.  Last year they showed a lot of promise of what they could be.  In talking with the coaches, they’re just looking for that one piece to get them over the hump.  I’m hoping I can be that piece.”

On if Buffalo is too small for him (all you people with sophomoric, dirty minds will love this next quote):

“No, not at all for me.  It’ s not where you come from, it’s how you come”

On what he would say to Bills fans that are worried about his sideline antics:

“About the drama guys, there was no drama (laughing). I think the clips that they show on TV and the commentary they have behind those, dude, those are all lies. It’s misleading. The time they showed me talking to Andre Gurode, all I was asking him was to kind of talk to the guys to protect Tony so we could get things going with the offense.”
Listen to Terrell Owens on The Shredd & Ragan Show on WEDG in Buffalo.

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