Terrell Owens on Junior Seau’s Suicide: “I’ve Been in that Situation Where You Do Feel like Giving Up”

Terrell Owens joined Ben and Skin on ESPN Radio Dallas to discuss the controversial comments he made on the program claiming he’d lost respect for Tony Romo. He also took some time to reflect on the loss of Junior Seau.

On comments he made last month stating he’d lost respect for Tony Romo:

“Well, the thing is, I tried to avoid the question and I think everybody is jumping down my throat because they felt like I was bringing up old issues. I never brought up the Tony Romo issue. I’ve moved on from that so my thing is, if we’re gonna be partners on this radio show, and I think it should be something positive, then if I’m trying to move on then why keep egging me on and why keep asking me the same question? So my thing is, like I said, all my fans out there and everybody that’s my Twitter followers and everybody that follows me that are fans or not fans, they felt like that I’m still the same person, still doing the same things. But like I said, you guys asked me a question, I tried to say next question. I didn’t wanna answer it, and then you asked me again so I just felt like I didn’t wanna just be no dead space so I just answered the question.” [That led to the dialogue that follows between host Jeff “Skin” Wade and Owens, which we’ve transcribed at least until they started bickering in circles. Click here to listen to the full exchange.] “With your own words though. It’s not like we put words in your mouth. You spoke what you wanted to say.” “Right. And my words haven’t changed since the incident happened. My thing is, I’m not lying about the situation. So again, it’s an old issue.

That happened three years ago, so why would you guys still be asking me the same thing about something that happened three years ago?”

“Well, because it’s Cowboy country and there’s high interest and you were a high-profile player here and obviously Romo’s a high-profile player. So it’s always topical in Cowboy country.”

“OK, so why keep asking me questions from — bringing stuff up from the dead?”

“Because I’m real interested — when you say that you’ve changed and see things differently I’m real interested on your perspective and if that has actually happened or not.” “So why do you think my perspective is gonna change when something happened three years ago and I feel like it is what it is and should be left where it was?”  Because people grow and change all the time. My opinion changes on things.” “OK so if you gonna grow and change then why ask me that question? I’m not trying to bring up the same issues over and over. Like, everybody’s pointing the finger at me like, ‘Oh, it’s the same old TO.’ Like, dude, I didn’t ask myself the question. I didn’t bring up Romo.”
“So you basically look at all those things the exact same way so no one needs to ask you if you’ve grown or changed your opinion on that, because you feel the same way about that stuff is what you’re saying.” “What’s gonna change about it? The truth is not gonna change.” “Perspective. Perspective changes. People grow, they have new experiences. I look back on things I did three or four years ago a lot of times like, ‘Man, I would have handled that completely differently.’

But you know, that’s my perspective, right?”

“Yeah, but that’s not what you asked me. You didn’t ask me if I would have handled it different. You asked me something that happened three years ago, about the same thing.” “And you had the same perspective on it.”

On the death of Junior Seau:

“We just lost an icon in the football world with Junior Seau. Nobody knew what he was going through. Last night I was up late going through my Twitter and I saw the interview with Marcellus Wiley who was a great, dear friend of Junior. Nobody knew, nobody knows what people go through, man. Nobody knows. It’s unexplainable. My heart goes out to his family, dude. I went through it dude, I saw his mom’s interview. Dude, that’s gut-wrenching to know a mom has to go through that. Honestly dude, I’ve been in that situation where you do feel like giving up because nobody understands the world that you live in. Nobody knows the things that you go through on a day to day basis.”

On being at that breaking point:

“I think there’s a lot of people that have been at that point. Me, other players. People look at us as invincible beings when we’re playing such a macho game. A game that we play as kids but we’re playing as grown men. And nobody understands that. Who knows what Junior was going through. Who knows.”

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