Landry Jones Has No Regrets About Staying At Oklahoma All Four Years Of His College Career

Landry Jones was a household name in college football by his sophomore year. Early in his college career Jones was touted as a first-round pick, but over the past two years his stock has dropped. The former Oklahoma quarterback may have hurt himself by staying in school, according to some draft analysts. Jones is one of nine quarterbacks to visit western New York to see the Buffalo Bills. Jones came away happy with his visit and is eager for the draft process to begin. Landry Jones joined WGR in Buffalo with Howard Simon to discuss his draft visit to the Buffalo Bills, the questions asked by the Bills, Jon Gruden calling him bored and complacent at Oklahoma, not regretting that he stayed at Oklahoma for all four years and fitting the Bills’ offensive scheme.

How did your draft visit with the Bills go? What did you think?

“I thought it went really good. I got to meet most of the coaches. The GM was there. I thought it went really well.”

What did the visit entail?

“When I got to Buffalo we went into the meeting room, me and Coach Hackett watched some cut-ups of me. We watched film for a couple of hours and then he put me up on the board and asked me some questions about different things and all different schemes and defense and things along those lines.”

What do you think of Jon Gruden’s criticisms of you? He claims you got bored and complacent at Oklahoma?

“He’s got his own opinion for sure, no doubt about it. You take it as what it is. That’s somebody’s opinion. If Coach Gruden has that opinion, that is fine. You take it and learn from it and you try to move on.”

Do you have any regrets at all about staying all four years at Oklahoma?

“No, I don’t have any regrets at all. It was definitely the right decision for me to stay for all four years.”

How do you think you would fit in the Bills’ scheme?

“I think I would fit great in the Bills scheme. I think Coach Hackett does a great job of coaching the players around him, and so if they draft a read-option quarterback, I’m sure Coach Hackett will adapt to that as well. As far as fitting in right now, I think I fit great in the scheme.”


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