Baltimore Coach John Harbaugh: “We Have a Good Roster and We Can Add to It”


The departure of a solid player from the Super Bowl-champion Baltimore Ravens seemed like it was a daily occurrence there for a while. Ray Lewis retired, Ed Reed went to Houston, Paul Kruger went to Cleveland and Dannell Ellerbe is gone as well. But the Ravens have made some additions, and coach Jim Harbaugh doesn’t seem to worried heading into the NFL Draft. John Harbaugh joined 105.7 The Fan in Baltimore with Ed Norris and Steve Davis to discuss life as a Super Bowl-winning coach, adding Rolando McClain, the Ravens’ roster being in pretty good shape, false reports that he didn’t want Ed Reed to be back with the team and the possibility of an openly gay player in the NFL.

How is life as a Super Bowl-winning coach?:

“It really hasn’t changed too much. People are excited. You run into people at kids’ stuff and around town. I like when they say, ‘Hey champ.’ I say, ‘Hey champ,’ right back. We’re all champs; it was a good year.”

On the addition of Rolando McClain:

“Expectations have probably already been tempered. He’s been in Oakland for three years. I think he was, as you said, maybe the eighth pick in the draft, and it hasn’t worked out that well, for whatever reason, with him so far. But he’s still young; he’s only 23. He’s had his issues on and off the field, more so off the field in some ways. But he’s still got goals, is still an ambitious guy and wants to do well.”

Where do you think this team needs to get stronger?:

“Probably all the places you’re talking about. It’s pretty clear. We’re going to need to work on the safety position, although Michael Huff was a great addition, and he’s going to really play well for us. … We can add another player, at least, in the draft. I think we can add an inside backer. We can probably add an offensive linemen or two. It’s always going to be the best player up. … We don’t think we have any gaping holes that we have to chase one spot. We have a good roster and we can add to it.”

On reports that he didn’t want Ed Reed back:

“I took (the columnist that wrote that) at his word. I talked to Mike Florio, too, because they ran with it. … I asked him, ‘Why did you write that as if it was a fact?’ He said, ‘Well, that’s how it read.’ That’s where I think the problem came in for me. … Somebody took it as if he had some information, and Mike was writing it as his own opinion.”

Have you talked to Ed about the situation?:

“I haven’t. I texted him, but I think, to me, our relationship stands. We’ve had five years together. Ed knows how I feel about him. … I’m not worried about it.”

Do you think the NFL is ready for an openly gay player?:

“I don’t think anybody really cares, in a sense that, in that area of life, everyone’s kind of in their own personal area.”

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