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Getcha popcorn ready Allen, Texas! It’s gonna be a show. Terrell Owens is officially taking his talents to the Indoor Football League in what promises to be yet another bizarre chapter of his long and controversial football career. Owens will be suiting up for the Allen Wranglers and oddly enough will also be a co-owner of the franchise. The man who is second all-time in NFL history in receiving yards (15,934), fourth in touchdowns (156) and sixth in catches (1,078) will be playing in the hyper-niche and under-exposed 16-team IFL in an attempt to showcase his talents for NFL squads that might consider entertaining the idea of signing him for the NFL season.

There’s never a dull moment for T.O., even when he’s out of football. And now that he’s set to return to the gridiron in the semi-professional ranks, one has to be both excited about the possibilities and impressed, at least from a business stand point, by Owens’ co-owner, Drew Pearson, for finding a way to partner with the high-profile star. Terrell Owens joined ESPN Radio Dallas with Ben & Skin to discuss playing in the IFL for the Allen Wranglers this season, the chances of getting back into the NFL next year and how he hopes this coming year with the Wranglers proves he can still play, the total amount of games he will be playing for the Wranglers, whether he thinks he’s better than a number of the wide receivers currently employed in the NFL, the T.O. Show, coming to Texas once again after being away from the state after leaving the Cowboys, and celebrating his touchdowns in the IFL.

Can you tell everybody what you are going to be doing with the Allen Wranglers at the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex with Drew Pearson?
“Well actually I am going to be playing, so it’s a way to definitely keep myself in shape. I obviously didn’t play football this past season, so throughout the course of a season I’ve been on the field pretty much every week 2 or 3 times a week working out just trying to run routes, keeping myself in shape, so this is a way for people to see I am healthy. I can play. At the same time it’s business situation and opportunity for myself. It was something I felt like I couldn’t turn down.”

Do you look at this as a stepping stone to get back into the NFL? Will

This be a chance to get back into the league next year? “Well yeah exactly. I’m not giving up by any means just because for whatever reason no one picked me up and you know what? I honestly believe that God put me in a situation and put me on a platform and again this is an opportunity for myself. Again, not only professionally, but also from a business standpoint at the same time to have part ownership in the Allen Wranglers. I couldn’t be more thankful for John Franco and Drew Pearson for the opportunity.”

Are you just going to play in the home games? Away games? How is this all going to work out?

“Well I mean contractually we have some obligations where I will be playing in the 8 home games and the tickets are what? $17 bucks a game. I think for the season it’s $135 bucks. That’s a steal right there. At the same time I am going to go out there and have fun and try to score some touchdowns. I think there will be some situations with the road games that will be played and I am going to talk to the owner about that as we go forward.”

Where would you rank in the NFL if you were still playing?

“I mean dude it’s not a question. I think everybody knows that even at 50%,60% or 80% I could have done some of the things if not better than what was out there on the field. Not to mention any names. I think everyone knows what I am capable of. My track record speaks for itself. Again, I wasn’t even 100% at the Super Bowl and I played on one leg basically. From that standpoint I felt like I could have played. Again, I am not going to gripe about why I didn’t play. God has a plan for me and I didn’t gripe about it. I’m not disappointed. Again, at the same time throughout the course of the season I kept myself ready and stayed in shape. I think anybody that knows me and that has been around me since I have had my surgery, doing the rehab and working out. They’ll tell you I was ready. I kept myself ready if anything happened.”

Is the T.O. reality show coming to Allen, Texas?

“Well hey as a matter of fact I’m getting a call about that right now.”
Will you be able to celebrate your touchdowns in this league?
“I think I should be. I don’t think you can get the ‘No Fun League,’ out of the IFL. We are going to have fun and we are going to comply with what have you. I haven’t actually dug too deep about all those rules and what have you, but I am sure we’ll have a little bit more freedom than the actual NFL.”

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