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Playboy Cover Girl Hangs Up On Sports Radio Station


Playboy Cover Girl Hangs Up On Sports Radio Station

Playboy is hurting and hurting real bad.  Their financials, even more so than most places, are significantly down.  Sales of the magazine are plummeting.  Their ability to get relevant celebrities to do a pictorial becomes worse and worse each year.  As a matter of fact in the next few months, Seth Rogen (only the ninth male in magazine history) will be on the cover.One of the many things they do to increase sales are to get centerfolds or pseudo celebrities doing a pictorial to agree to do tons of media.

Aubrey O’Day of Danity Kane from “Making the Band” on MTV (yes Danity Kane fame I know) is this month’s cover girl with a pictorial and was on with Boomer and Carton of WFAN in New York.  She actually looks like Ashley Olson with fake cans.She was unhappy with the questioning from Craig Carton and hung up on him.  Cracked me up that she thought the questions were too personal.  Even denied having fake boobs.  Check the pictures, sure look fake to me. “I didn’t have work done.  That just goes to show you how gullible people are that watch reality TV.”

When asked if she dated Puff Daddy who created the show “Making the Band” O’Day said:

“No” Carton followed up asking if her if she got fired from the band for not dating P Diddy, and she hung up!

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