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Philip Rivers Defends the Replacement Officials, Says Offenses Have to Be Ready in Victory Formation

Philip Rivers Defends the Replacement Officials, Says Offenses Have to Be Ready in Victory Formation
September 21, 2012 – 7:30 am by Brad Gagnon
The San Diego Chargers are 2-0 out of the gate, but they’ll have their biggest challenge yet on Sunday when they host the 2-0 Atlanta Falcons, whose defense dominated Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts in Week 2.
Considering the number of mistakes Philip Rivers made last year and the amount of plays that the Atlanta secondary made on Monday Night Football, Rivers and Co. could have their hands full with the Falcons.

Philip Rivers joined Darren Smith on XX Sports Radio in San Diego to discuss Dante Rosario’s role in relief of Antonio Gates in the team’s big Week 2 victory over Tennessee. He also gave his two cents on the replacement officials and the victory formation controversy that’s been talked about in NFL circles all week.
On the replacement officials:
“I think in all fairness, they are — just like I am, just like every guy on that field is — trying to do the best they can. I’m trying to play the best game I can; they’re trying to officiate the best game they can. There’s never been a game where we’ve agreed with every call, ever, regardless of who the officials were. And there’s never been a game where everybody’s agreed with where I’ve thrown it. … We certainly complained when the regular officials were there, too.”
On if defenses defend Dante Rosario differently than Antonio Gates:
“It can be different, and there’s probably — throughout the course of the game — it would be different. But there’s certain times when — based on formation, motion, some things — we’re able to get Gates singled up and he would have seen some of the same coverages that we saw with Dante and Randy in there. And there’s other times where, if they were gonna double a guy, they probably would double Gates. So to say it was exactly the same wouldn’t be fair, but to say it would be totally different wouldn’t be fair as well. I think some teams decide to just play you straight up, and when they do, you have to out-execute them. And for the most part in that game, we were able to do that.”
His thoughts on what a defense should be allowed to do against a victory formation:
“I just think if the ball is being snapped, you gotta be ready to go. I think as an offensive line group, everybody’s gotta be ready to brace and be ready to deliver a blow, and get ready for them to fire off.”
Listen to Philip Rivers on XX Sports Radio here
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