Bill Belichick: “wes Welker Has A Good Sense Of Humor”

Bill Belichick: “Wes Welker has a good sense of humor”

This season has been very interesting for Patriots wide receiver Wes Welker. One game he has three catches and little involvement in the offense for whatever reason, the next game he doesn’t even start at wide receiver and then the next game he blows up for over 100 yards receiving. Maybe Bill Belichick was sending Welker a message or maybe they wanted to see how good their other wide receivers were in case the Patriots were thinking about trading away Welker. It’s tough to question the best coach in the NFL but I would hope after the last three games, the Hoodie realizes that Welker is still the Pats most reliable pass-catcher. Following Sunday’s game, a game in which Welker had a season-high 13 catches, he went on TV and said “it’s kind of nice to stick it in Bill’s face every once in a while.” Now Welker also winked at the camera so he made the comment in a joking manner but who could honestly blame him for having some hurt feelings over the way he was treated early in the season.Bill Belichick joined WEEI in Boston with the Big Show to talk about whether they will continue to be a run-heavy team like they have been, on the up-tempo offense, on Wes Welker’s involvement in the passing game lately, why he thinks rookie quarterbacks have adapted so well to the NFL game lately and what he thinks of Russell Wilson.

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Whether the Pats will continue to be a run-heavy team like they were Sunday against Denver:

“That’s really hard to say. We make up our gameplan every week based on what we think we’re going to get from our opponents and sometimes we have to adjust that during the game. Our philosophy is really to stick with whatever is working and try to move the ball and score points. If that is running or throwing or whatever. Our job on offense is to move the ball and score points. However we can do that, that is what we’re going to try to do.”

On the up-tempo offense:

“If you’re in a no-huddle offense you are trying to gain some sort of advantage so if you feel like there’s some sort of advantage then that is the reason you do it. If you feel like you’re not gaining an advantage then there is an advantage to huddling and not doing it that way then you do it that way.”
On Wes Welker saying in a joking manner that Sunday he was sticking it to Belichick:
“Well you know I think Wes played really well yesterday and happy things turned out the way they did. Any conversations I have with Wes are between me and Wes. (Host: You don’t think he has a career as a comedian though?) He has a good sense of humor.”

Why he thinks the rookie quarterbacks have adapted so well to the NFL game:

“I think there are a lot of differences in the college game and the pro game. I think what players see at this level and see at the college level are quite a bit different. (Host: Is this just a good lot of players?) I don’t know, maybe it is but I don’t think it’s because they see the same thing at the college level and then they step to the pro level and there’s not a big learning curve. I think there is a big learning curve. But those guys who have been successful have obviously been able to make that transition so I think you have to give them a lot of credit. I don’t see that big of a carry-over from college to the NFL at that position.”

What he sees in Russell Wilson:

“A winner. He makes good decisions, he’s very athletic, they do a great job running the ball and they have a play action game that goes with it, play action bootlegs, moving pocket plays and things like that. He can hurt you with his arms and his legs.”

Whether he thinks this is his toughest, most physical defense:

“I don’t know, that’s a hard thing to measure. We try to be physical. We’ve done some things that certainly add up to physical football. Playing the running game, that’s certainly a physical type of play. Causing some turnovers I think there’s some correlation to being physical and knocking the ball out so I don’t know, maybe.”

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