Peyton Manning, Denver’s Offense Build Momentum After Big Game

Peyton Manning, Denver’s Offense Build Momentum After Big Game
October 5, 2012 – 9:30 am by Eric Schmoldt
I had the chance to see Peyton Manning quarterback a football game in person for the first time last Sunday and it was a real treat. The third quarter that the Denver Broncos posted in their drubbing of Oakland was about as an impressive 15 minutes of football as you’ll see.
The Broncos scored three times, including twice on passes from Manning, who finished with a line of 30 of 38 for 338 yards and three touchdowns. Denver avoided a three-game losing streak and built some confidence heading into perhaps the biggest game on the Week 5 slate at New England.

Peyton Manning joined KOA in Denver on The Dave Logan Show to discuss what he can take from previous games against New England, Denver’s offense building momentum after a big game, what it will take to see that consistently and the loss of his starting center.
Can you draw on any experiences from facing New England in the past that you can use as you prepare for the Patriots this week?:
“It’s hard to, just the different set of circumstances that I am in. Certainly having played against this team a number of times, I know what an excellent team they are, I know how well-coached they are, I know how well they play at home. But I really can’t speak to the previous games that I’ve played against them given the different team I played for. But anybody who plays football knows how well-coached they are and what a tough team they are.”
How much confidence do you guys, as an offense, take away from the performance against the Raiders last week?:
“What we did was we played good situational football, which Coach Fox discusses all the time. Good on third down, good on red zone, forcing a special teams turnover. Those are the type of things that we absolutely have to do in order to have a chance against the Patriots, because they are so good at situational football, playing 60-minute football. I think the key is looking for some kind of consistency. … We’ve got to do it every single week, so it’ll be key, building off of that game last Sunday against Oakland.”
What couple of things have to happen in order to allow yourself to play with that consistency?:
“I really think it just starts with practice. There’s no secret answer. I think it’s easy, when you lose a game, to sort of refocus. You walk around with a little more of a chip on your shoulder, a sense of urgency. The key, I think, to being a consistent team and being a successful team, is to have that same chip and sense of urgency — kind of an edge if you will — when you’ve won a game. It’s a big win against Oakland, a division game, everybody’s excited. But you’ve got to come in Monday and Tuesday still sort of determined that, ‘I’ve got to have an even better week of practice this week.’”
On losing center J.D. Walton to injury and having Dan Koppen as a replacement:
“First off, I’ve just got to tell you that I’m sick about J.D. Walton’s injury. He worked so hard this offseason. He and I probably spent more time together than anyone else. All those throwing sessions I was doing with Decker and Thomas, J.D. was at every single one of them. He came back from his vacation. … I know that’s not the most ideal thing for a center, just to come out and snap all offseason, but he was there every day. … We will miss him. I know it’s part of it, but it’s disappointing. Rarely can you lose a starting center like J.D. … and still have an even more-experienced center in Dan, to step up and fill in for him. And Dan’s experience does show, I will say that. He’s seen everything in his time as a center … and experience is your best teacher, so we feel fortunate that he is on the team.”
Listen to Peyton Manning on KOA in Denver here (Interview begins at 11:05)
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Denver hit the real jackpot scoring Manning. GO DENVER BRONCOS
By jack smith on Oct 5, 2012

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