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Mitch McGary on Michigan: “Everybody is Getting Their Swagger Back”
March 27, 2013 – 8:30 am by Chris Fedor
The NCAA tournament has a knack for finding unsung heroes. For Michigan that player has been Mitch McGary. Playing alongside Trey Burke, Tim Hardaway Jr. and Glenn Robinson III, McGary hasn’t gotten a lot of recognition this season but so far in the tournament he has been a presence inside for the Wolverines and the guy that has propelled them into the Sweet Sixteen. McGary is averaging a double-double in the first two tournament games. The big man has brought energy, heart and hustle and neither South Dakota State nor VCU had any answers for Michigan’s new weapon. He will be one of the biggest keys for Michigan if it wants to upset Kansas and move on to the Elite Eight.

Mitch McGary joined WDFN in Detroit with Matt Shepherd to talk about whether he is surprised at how well Michigan has played their first two games of the tournament, what has been the key to the success for the Wolverines in the tournament so far, on the balance they have offensively, how they were able to handle VCU’s pressure, if he kept his eyes on other games this past weekend and what Michigan has to do from here on out to continue this tournament run.
Whether he is surprised at how well Michigan has played in their first two games:
“I’m not surprised. Just glad that our team is peaking at the right time. We’re getting back to our Top 10 potential like we used to be at the beginning of the season.”
On the key to their success the first two games:
“It’s been a lot of heart actually. A lot of it comes from me I think and just bringing a lot of energy. Everybody feeds off of that. Our team just wants it more and this is the last go around for the seniors, we talked about it multiple times, everybody wants to go out there and put it on the table. We want to be one of the best teams in the country.”
On the balance they have offensively:

“Exactly. Anybody on our team can go for 20 any night. Glenn (Robinson III) played a huge role in the first game, he played a huge role in the second game and same with Tim (Hardaway). I contributed a little bit. The thing is, with our team, we don’t care who scores the ball. As long as the ball is being scored and we’re winning then we are having fun.”
How they were able to handle VCU’s pressure:
“Spike (Albrecht) was a big part of it. Him and Trey (Burke) had so much poise with the ball and Tim, Nick (Stauskas) and Glenn all being so poised with the ball and having a purpose with breaking the press and making good decisions. Making the right passes. I think we only had 12 turnovers throughout the whole game and VCU is a team that forces about 15 turnovers or more for their opponent.”
If he kept his eyes on other games:
“I did watch the Ohio State game. Iowa State and Ohio State, that was a heck of a game. Aaron Craft hit a big shot to pull them ahead and send them to the Sweet 16. Also had to watch the Kansas-UNC game to see who we were playing and Jeff Withey really showed up in their game. Had a 16 and 16 performance. That should be a great matchup for me Friday.”
If he feels like the team has regained its swagger:
“I think we were always playing with it but now that we have a few games in this tournament and a few confidence boosters, everybody is starting to get on the same page and peaking at the right moment. Everybody is getting their swagger back.”
What they have to do from here on out:
“I think we just have to have that mindset, staying in the moment. If we get down or something in a game, once we face that adversity, I know we are a stronger team and have gotten stronger each and every game. I know we faced a little bit of adversity early in games if we don’t get off to a good start. Versus Kansas and hopefully in future games, once we face adversity we come together as a team and fight back.”
Listen to Mitch McGary on WDFN in Detroit here

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