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Lendale White On Vince Young Reggie Bush

Lendale White seemed poised to eat his way out of the league or run his mouth out of Nashville. Maybe not. The former Southern Cal running back is reportedly in the best shape of his life and he’s saying the right things. Hey, it’s not impossible to think that guys can mature a little bit after being introduced to fame and fortune so quickly in their early 20s. White joined KLAC in Los Angeles to talk about the upcoming 2009 season, what he thinks his role will be in it, teammmate Vince Young, and former college teammate Reggie Bush.

On his offseason workout and conditioning program this offseason:

“It’s crazy, actually, you know this girl asked me if I was Reggie Bush just the other day. No, but I’ve been working hard. This is probably the best offseason I’ve ever had so far as a pro. I’m looking to just going in and having a kind of year where my team can rely on me to help win a Super Bowl this year. That’s the only thing I’m looking forward to. I’m looking forward to going in and getting a Super Bowl ring and that’s it.”

On his role in 2009:

“I was only a couple hundred yards away from having another 1,000 yard season and you know, I had 10 TDs. And the way I’ve been working this offseason, a lot of those runs that went for 1 or 2 yards are going to go for a lot longer this year. So I feel like I can go for 1,000 yards if I’ the starter, the backup, whatever I need to do. I think that’s the kind of contribution I’m looking forward to giving my team this year.”

On teammate Vince Young:

“You know, I was with Vince yesterday and Vince is very competitive. That’s just the competitive side of him. He wants to play and I understand that. I want to play and be the starter. I feel like if the Titans didn’t want me, there are plenty of other teams that will. That’s just the competitive nature of yourself. Vince is a Titan and he loves that. He loves being in the locker room with us, he loves being around us. But it’s that itch to play – he loves playing football. You’re talking about a guy who arguably had one of the best games ever coming out of college, then he won Rookie of the Year, going to the playoffs and now sitting on the bench. You know, it’s hard, it’s hard. For anybody it’d be hard but you know, he’s a strong minded guy and Vince Young is going to be alright. He’ll be better than ever when he does get his chance.”

On his USC teammate Reggie Bush’s struggles:

“You know, it’s kind of crazy – I’m a Reggie Bush fan, ok. So I was looking at his stats the other day and Reggie Bush and he’s like the fastest to reach a certain number of receptions in the first three years of his career behind Anquan Boldin, or something. It was something unreal. But you know, for him to have a stat like that, obviously he’s doing something. And you know, when Reggie Bush was healthy, the Saints were a great team. I think we all can remember that – they almost went to the Super Bowl one year, they were playing great ball and Reggie was almost the savior of the team and was the greatest pick ever. Then you go a couple of years, he had an injury, and things happen – things happen. But I have 100% confidence in Reggie Bush and I would love to play along side him someday. But he’s going to be ok. There’s nothing wrong with Reggie. Reggie’s a great running back, he’s going to be a great running back. It just takes time to adjust and he’s definitely on his way up there.”

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