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Calvin Johnsons Status Remains A Game Time Decision


Calvin Johnson’s Status Remains a Game-Time Decision

The 1-4 Detroit Lions have a big game this weekend on the road against the New York Giants, but they might have to play it without their star player.  Calvin Johnson, who injured the AC joint in his right shoulder last week against the Rams.  Megatron was back at practice yesterday and caught a handful of passes, but used mostly his left arm.  Although Shaun Hill has stepped in and played brilliantly in the absence of Stafford, the Lions don’t have another player to take the place of Johnson.  His status remains a game-time decision, but being that they need a win on the road in order to continue the momentum gained from last week’s thrashing of the Rams, this game is huge and they can’t afford to play without their big-time receiver/playmaker.Calvin Johnson joined 97.1 the Ticket in Detroit to talk about how his shoulder is feeling, if it was his decision to play would he play this weekend, and whether he feels that Shaun Hill is playing like a starting quarterback.

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How his shoulder is feeling:

“It is getting better.  I saw some progress from yesterday to today so hopefully we can keep on progressing like we are so we can be ready for Sunday.”

How much his opinion about his health impacts whether he will play or not:

“Really that is going to be a 50/50 decision I believe.  It is how I feel and at the same time the team can use me so we will just see how it is feeling come Sunday.”

Whether the range is motion in his shoulder has progressed:

“Yeah it has definitely gotten better.  As far as a percentage or whatever but I am not sure exactly, but yeah it has definitely gotten better.”

If it was his decision to play would he play this weekend:

“Yeah no doubt.  It is just the fact that whether I can be productive out there.  If my range in motion in my shoulder and strength isn’t there then I am not going to be effective in any way.  So that is what it depends on.”

Whether he can catch a football right now with his shoulder:

“Yes I can catch a ball.  It all just depends on the location of the ball.”

Whether he feels that Shaun Hill is playing like a starting quarterback:

“Shaun is definitely playing at a high level right now.  He is getting better and better every game.  Every time he is out there he gets better and that is something that you want from the quarterback.  He is definitely putting good tape on film.”

Whether the team talks amongst themselves at the importance of getting a win on the road:

“We talk about that ourselves most definitely.  It starts going on Monday when we turned our focus to the Giants and that is something that definitely in our ears on Monday.”

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