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Kyle Busch is one of the best drivers in NASCAR and he is used to going fast on the racetrack. Well apparently he goes just as fast off the track. While this is just a onetime thing, KB was clocked going 128 miles per hour in a 45 mph zone. That is absolutely nuts. Even more crazy is that Busch apologized and gave an explanation that he was “test-driving a new sports car.” The minute that he did that he decided to test-drive that new sports car and go that far over the speed limit he not only put himself in danger, but anybody else near that area. It was poor judgment by Kyle Busch and while he is one of the best racecar drivers on the planet, he will have to think a little harder next time before “test-driving a new sports car” if he wants to be around long enough to try and take down Jimmie Johnson.Kurt Busch joined WFNZ in Charlotte on the Mac Attack to talk about what he thinks of Kyle Busch going 128 mph in a 45, how he expects Kyle’s team to handle the punishment, whether or not he thinks the Coca-Cola 600 is too long, and who is a better racer between him and his brother.

How he feels about Kyle Busch going 128 mph in a 45:

“Well what was funny was my assistant called me and said ‘hey are you in jail?’ I said no what do you mean? He said ‘oh okay good they got Kyle I thought they got you.’ He made a mistake and he knows it. Whatever car he was driving you can’t do it on the public roads like that and he’s gonna pay a price later on. He knows he wasn’t supposed to be doing that and all of us have a responsibility of showing our young and being a role model when we’re outside the racecar out on the public streets. Sometimes mistakes are made and this one was definitely over the line.”

How he expects Kyle’s team to handle this situation:

“This isn’t the first time things have happened like this to Tony Stewart, AJ Allmendinger, Scott Wimmer, and myself. Each team handles it differently. Hell my team even fired me and they didn’t even know all the details. You never know what to expect with things and right now I know Kyle is definitely sorry for what he did and he will do the right things to rectify it. We’ll see how it shakes out.”

Whether or not this is common for drivers to go that fast off the track:

“There are cars that all of us drivers have. I race for Dodge and I have a Dodge Viper and I take it out to road courses to stretch its legs. I will take it to road Atlanta or to Virginia International Raceway. Just go have fun with it on a Sunday. I’m even building a ’72 Challenger and putting a cup motor in it. It will be street legal but it will be more fun to take it to a road course.”

Whether or not he thinks the Coca Cola 600 is too long:

“You don’t ever hear anybody complain about the Coca Cola 600 and how long it is. It’s a great race. Memorial Day weekend, unofficial kickoff to the summer, I’m a part of the Coca-Cola racing family, and everyone is out there enjoying an ice cold Coke and being out there for that atmosphere. It’s fun and it’s just the way life is around Memorial Day, you’ve got racing.  You’ve got the Indy 500, you’ve got the Coke 600, and we’re out there all night long racing. It’s a fun race and I hope to win it again this year like I did last year. Then you get into that summer grind, but before that we’ve got the Coca-Cola family track walk, there’s a barbecue, and everybody who has a race ticket is welcome to be invited. A lot of cool things that fans can do and they just have to be out there digging into the fun stuff instead of the dirt that happens.”

On who is better between him and Kyle:

“He’s a great racer. I would say that we have the same talent. He has done it in trucks and Nationwide where I use those series as a developmental series. I came up through the trucks, went straight from there into cup, but I went back and ran a few Nationwide races and won my first ever Nationwide and I was like well we don’t need to be stealing candy from a baby running these races. We need to be up in cup winning races. That’s where I have always put my focus.”

What he thinks about Danica Patrick possibly joining NASCAR full time:

“It’s gonna be tough. She showed some promise on the Nationwide side with one good finish at a fuel mileage race. Other than that she’s got her work cut out for her. It would be like me trying to go run open wheel racing those guys have done it forever, they are the best of the best at that game and you’re not just going to come in there and completely dominate or even find the same success you’re used to because those guys have been doing it forever. She’s more than welcome to come on over and give it her best. I know sponsors follow her because she’s hot and all that but you gotta get out there and perform at the end of the day.”

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