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Kimbo Slice: I Come To Knock A ******* Head Off And That’s What I Do
September 14, 2009 – 7:00 am by Tas Melas
This upcoming season’s ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ kicks off September 16th, starring Mr. Kimbo Slice.  As I wrote that, I was curious to know his real name – it’s Kevin Ferguson, just so ya know.  Kimbo fights for a contract with the UFC in this reality show which runs till December.  The notorious street fighter has been ridiculed by all sides in the mixed martial arts world, including UFC boss Dana White.  White badmouthed the big man non-stop; it seemed he would never get a shot at the UFC, and well, this is the only way Kimbo could ever get a crack.  So, here you have a no-lose situation for White: if Kimbo fails, Dana looks like the wise one ridiculing Kimbo’s skills, and if he succeeds, then White’s got yet another money-making machine at his disposal.  Kimbo Slice joined 106.7 The Fan in DC to discuss what happens on the upcoming series, if fans can expect to see the head-bashing Kimbo they all know and love, and how he’s come along since his fight in the Elite XC.

Can we expect the head-knocking Kimbo in the upcoming series?
“You know, you gotta watch the show.  They got me on lockdown on my lips for that $5 mil and I ain’t got that to give out, so I ain’t got nothing to say about this show.  But, no, man, you guys are gonna be entertained man, you know what I’m saying?  It’s everything to be expected.  It is what it is; it’s a show.”
On the different relationships he has with people involved in the UFC:
“You gotta watch the show to see who’s really cool with you and see who wasn’t, but what everybody is gonna realize is that I was the same person going on to the show as I was coming off of the show.  And, leading up to the finale in December, I come to knock a ****** head off, and that’s what I do.”
On developing his skills since his Elite XC fight:
“It was the training that I had – I had boxing training at the time, we kinda just focused on a lot of standup.  We didn’t really stress the ground as much because we didn’t feel like it would have gotten there, and if it would have gotten there, that he felt like I would let a person just submit me, which is true.  But there is still a few cricks and cracks on that ground that I’m still working on, that’s gonna make me all-around.  I’m gonna be more of a threat in another year or two in this game than these guys that are already in the game.”
Listen to Kimbo Slice on The Lavar Arrington Show on 106.7 The Fan in DC
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