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James Harden Adjusts to Life as an Everyday Starter in Houston, Begins Recruiting Help
December 6, 2012 – 9:30 am by Steven Cuce
James Harden is settling into life in Houston and he’s been an absolute monster for the Rockets. Harden was averaging 23.6 points and 5.4 assists per game heading into Wednesday night’s action.
The former Oklahoma City guard is now adjusting to being the main man on his new team, but explains in the following interview that it takes more than one player to win an NBA Championship.

James Harden joined KGOW in Houston with Clanton and Wessling to discuss feeling comfortable with the Houston Rockets, the Rockets traveling to see head coach Kevin McHale during his daughter’s funeral, playing alongside Jeremy Lin, adjusting to being an everyday starter and recruiting free agents to come to Houston.
How do you feel now with the Rockets after about 15 games? Are you settled in?
“Oh yeah. I think our chemistry is definitely building every single day between the practices and the games, so I think a few more weeks and we’ll be together on the same page a lot of times, but it’s going pretty well.”
What was it like going to see your head coach Kevin McHale at the funeral after his daughter passed away?
“You know what? I think we wanted to go support him. I think it’s a tough time for him and his family. I think we are a part of his family as well, and we wanted to go there and support him and show him that we were there for him. I know he needed us a lot. We were there for him and he was going through a tough time. I think it was a tough thing to do.”
What’s it like playing with Jeremy Lin?
“He’s done a great job. It’s his first year, too, as a starting point guard, and starting the year off as a point guard, so we both have a lot to learn together. He’s a great player. He can create on the ball and shoot the ball as well. He’s a great point guard.”
Have there been any challenges going from Sixth Man of the Year last year into an every-night starter?
“It’s a lot different. Coming off the bench with authority and then having a lot more opportunity, having a lot more shots and the ball in my hands a lot more, so it’s something I’m still trying to get used to and adjusted to, but it feels good.”
As a top player now do you recruit players to come play in Houston with you?
“Of course. I’ve been starting that recruiting process. One player is not going to win a championship. Nowadays you need two or maybe more. I’ve definitely started the recruiting process. We need more guys to come over here, so we can win. For right now we are going to stick with the players we have and try to run with that.”
Listen to James Harden on KGOW in Houston here
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