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A few months back we brought you an interview with one of John Daly’s ex wives, who shed plenty of light on what it was like to be with perhaps the craziest golfer ever. Now, Leila Shennib, an ex-girlfriend of former Major League Baseball player Jose Canseco, is here to do the same, only without a book this time — at least she doesn’t have one yet. If you follow Canseco on Twitter, you’ll know Shennib has been the subject of many spiteful tweets in recent weeks, particularly after the two of them parted ways. At one point shortly after their breakup, Canseco used Twitter to propose to Shennib. It wasn’t that long after that, still not happy with the way things were going, he tweeted her phone number.

Shennib says those tweets resulted in many angry calls and text messages from folks angry with her. Now she’s here to tell her side of the story about a man she says has threatened both her and her mother due to a violent temper that may or may not be related to steroids.Leila Shennib joined 106.7 The Fan in Washington D.C. with The C and O Show to discuss how long she and Canseco dated, how it ended, what made him tweet her phone number out, another tweet in which Canseco proposed to her, if he has threatened her, why she hasn’t attempted to get a restraining order, a time that he threatened her mother and if she thinks steroids have helped lead him to this attitude and personality that he has today.

How long did you guys date?:

“I think it was about a year and a half, two years. … Yeah, [we had talked about marriage]. After dating for about a month, he was talking about marriage all the time. After a year, year and a half, I was considering it and we were seriously talking about marriage and kids and everything.”

What happened to make Canseco go off on Twitter, giving your phone number out, etc.?:

“I think everyone who has Twitter or knows anything about Jose knows he likes to go on his little rants and he really doesn’t have much credibility. I think anyone with half a brain can look at this situation and see there’s got to be something missing here. I broke up with him about two or three months ago and he has tried every avenue to get back together with me. … He got a job in Arizona, so he went out to Arizona, thank God. … One day he would say, ‘I love you, I’ll do anything, I want to marry you.’ Then, the next day, he would be saying horrible things about me and harassing me and making up lies about me.”

On the June 8 post on Twitter where he proposed to you:

“I guess, after trying every other way, to ask me to marry him, that was his only other option. At that point, I had already blocked his phone numbers, blocked him on Facebook. I’ve been trying to get rid of him and he just keeps popping up somehow.”

What was the thing that made you break up with him?:

“He just has a lot of issues and I just feel like I would like to be treated a certain way. I spent our entire relationship giving everything up for him and defending him the entire time. He did me pretty dirty and after finding out some things, I just evaluated our relationship and I had to get out.”

What did you find out?:

“I’ll save that for another time.”

Has he threatened you at all?:

“He has, just recently on Facebook. I don’t really want to get too much into it, but he’s just a scary guy. He’s big and he has some anger problems, so even him getting all riled up and upset and even talking about something he might not mean is scary. I don’t really know what he means.”

Have you tried to get a restraining order?:

“At this point I’m going to have to do that because he’s not stopping. As you can see, he tweeted my number and things about me one night. I thought, out of all the calls from people that are attacking me about this, I thought, on the other end, people would be saying [to Jose], ‘What the hell are you doing? You can’t do that.’ But then he did the same exact thing the next night.”

A funny story that occurred right before Canseco tweeted the phone number:

“Right before he wrote the first tweet about my number and all that stuff, he was calling me nonstop, as usual. … And I was with my mom and my mom goes, ‘Well, let me just talk to him.’ I’m like, ‘Mom, no, I don’t want him to say anything, I don’t want you involved.’ … Right now I’m just kind of laughing at the whole situation because he’s a big joke to me, but if he says something to my mom, it’s a whole different story. So my mom gets on the phone with him and, very calmly and nicely, is just trying to ask him to leave her daughter alone. And he threatens my mom, says, ‘Leila’s going to regret this,’ and he starts yelling and swearing at my mom and then hangs up.”

Do you think that steroid use has led to some of his behavior?:

“Honestly, I don’t know if it’s the steroids. Sometimes I think the reason why he is the way he is is because he has been through things in his life that no one else has been through. … I don’t feel he has what it takes to be able to deal with those things in a mature way and move on with his life. I feel like everything that’s happened has built up … and he just likes to take it out on other people.”

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