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Nick Diaz Accuses Georges St. Pierre Of Using Steroids Prior to Their Showdown Saturday Night
March 15, 2013 – 7:00 am by Chris Fedor
This weekend at UFC 158, Georges St. Pierre and Nick Diaz will finally end all the talking and fight each other. There is a lot of bad blood between the two guys and the pre-fight chatter has been laced with trash-talk. However, this is the case with a lot of Nick Diaz fights. He does run his mouth. He can come across as very cocky. And his style in the octagon has led to him being given the label of “villain” in the sport. Diaz only added fuel to this fight just yesterday when he accused his opponent of using steroids. Saturday night can’t get here soon enough.

Georges St Pierre joined Fox Sports Radio with Jay Mohr and Nick Diaz joined The Fan 590 in Toronto with Tim and Sid to talk about their upcoming fight this weekend, whether all the hatred they have show each other is real, how they have been training for this fight and their heated press conference to promote the fight.
On Nick Diaz being the only fighter that has truly made him angry:
GSP: “No that’s not true. I can count on only one had the guys that have been respectful with me. All the other guys, same story and same stuff.”
On how he is training for Nick Diaz:
GSP: “I’m training to beat Nick Diaz very specifically. You talk about his body shots, well I spar with much better boxer than Nick Diaz. Lucian Bute, who is a former world champion boxer. I box with him. He’s left-handed, same shape as Nick Diaz and much better than Nick Diaz. His money shot, his best shot is his body shot so it was like working out with him.”
Whether he feels like he needs to knock Nick Diaz out to make a statement:
GSP “I’m going to go for the knockout and the submission as always. My goal is to win and finish my opponent.”
If the hatred between the two is genuine:
GSP: “He’s been disrespectful and it’s true and of course I’m going to react because I’m not someone who lets themselves be disrespected but the truth is, we both compete because we want to be the champion. Nick Diaz is a great fighter and that is why we are fighting each other. It’s not only because he’s talking trash.”
On the press conference getting heated:
ND: “Yeah. I’m happy to be here though. Representing the U.S. versus Canada but of course most of the people in the U.S. want to see me smashed out and hammered out. They like to picture me the evil villain and I just have George over here and wants to make it look like I’m trying to intimidate. He keeps telling me, ‘Do you really think I’m afraid of you?’ I’m like, ‘George, you should be afraid of me.’ In all honesty I’m afraid of him, I’m afraid of George. I’d like to see him fight Robbie Lawlor. He would get knocked the eff out. He would’ve lost all those fights to all those hitters that I was fighting, taking punches, getting my face split open. He talks about how I’m going to lose this fight easy because of all the scar tissue. I was fighting all the hitters and I think that should’ve been brought out a little more than it did. I just hope people understand that. I don’t have to lie to sell a fight. I’m not the one in his frustrated position. I don’t have to lie. He should be scared. I don’t believe he’s not. He should be. He’s gotta be crazy not to be. That’s my approach to MMA is dealing with reality. Not taking myself out, not trying to believe in some sort of religion that is going to push me forth, to push my faith and market my faith. I don’t have anything against that if people do that. That’s fine. I just don’t, for me that is not me. I don’t believe that I need to look to this higher power or greatness or craziness even in order to go out there and perform and win a fight. What he says is I have social anxiety or have a problem with the media. You really think I’m not enjoying these press days and what’s been going on here? This exposing the truth? I don’t have a problem with it. It’s the fight I don’t like. It’s the fight I’m worried about. It’s the training that enhances my sense of security. That’s why I’m angry about the media. It’s only because I may miss out on my training. I’m scared to fight. You should be scared to fight. You ain’t going to win if you ain’t scared.”
None of what you have said has been to sell a fight?
ND: “Absolutely not. It’s been the honest-to-God truth. I have not told a lie. Yet he said that I followed him in a hotel and chased him around. He never asked for the fight either but he did let Dana (White) talk for him and say that I’m the most disrespectful person ever and he’s going to put the worst beating on me ever. Do you honestly believe that he said that out of his mouth? I don’t believe that. Why wouldn’t he say it to the fans? Because I wouldn’t have a problem doing it. I don’t need to lie to the fans about what my opinion is. I’m happy to give it. There’s nothing inside of me that worries me about expressing myself in front of a camera or people, especially when we’re dealing with what I do every day when it comes to martial arts. I think people should understand where I’m coming from. George over here calls me an uneducated fool. I say, hey man I hate to talk bad about the fans but if anybody is the uneducated fools out there it’s you. Eating up all this bulls**t and buying right into it. You should be, they need to take it to the next level and start to understand what is what and what is real.”
On the insinuation that St. Pierre is on steroids:
ND: “I believe he’s on plenty of steroids. I don’t think they test around here and I doubt I will be tested as well. I don’t care what they’re saying or marketing to the media. I don’t think either of us are going to be tested and if so, he’s probably got a bottle of piss in his pocket. I doubt they’re standing over him making sure he’s not on steroids. (Host: You’re suggesting that the face of the franchise is on steroids and that Dana White would be complicit with that?) Sure. Why not? Lance Armstrong is on steroids and it really is a ridiculous thing that he was on steroids as far as he was concerned. (Host: Can you guarantee you’re going to be clean after that fight? These are strong allegations man.) Hell no I’m not guaranteeing anything. Last time I was, nanograms, I tested positive.  Dude, I had like nanogram. I’m like two over, a nanogram over. I can tell you I did a little better than last time. If I don’t pass the test then I’m sorry. I could probably use another year off vacation. It’s not like I enjoy this, taking punches to the mouth. I need to feed my family that hopefully one day I can acquire if I survive this s***. I’ve made this investment. I haven’t sat down and made any commitment to anything other than this investment in martial arts.”
Listen to Georges St. Pierre on Fox Sports Radio here
Listen to Nick Diaz on The Fan 590 in Toronto here

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