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John Fox: Trindon Holliday’s “on A Short Leash” After Getting Away With Major Gaffe On Touchdown

The Denver Broncos are suddenly looking like Super Bowl contenders and, don’t look now, but Peyton Manning is a top candidate to win his fifth MVP trophy. So things are going pretty well for head coach John Fox, who also had a chance to smoke his former team when the Broncos took down the Carolina Panthers in Charlotte last week.John Fox joined The Dave Logan Show on KOA in Denver to discuss Sunday’s victory over his ex-team, Trindon Holliday’s near-gaffe against Carolina, Von Miller’s exceptional play, improvements on offense, the recent fumble issues the Broncos are having and this week’s game against San Diego.

On beating his former team in Carolina last week:

“At the end of the day you like competing against your friends, whether it was with your own brothers growing up or even your close friends. It’s a little bit of bragging rights for the year to come, and from that aspect it sure beats the alternative.”

On Trindon Holliday getting away with tossing the ball away before crossing the goal line on a touchdown:

“He was pretty close two weeks ago as well, so right now he’s on a short leash as far as — we’ve told him now that he has to bring the ball all the way back to Jeff Rodgers, his special-teams coach. I did not notice it at the time and obviously they didn’t either. I don’t think there’s any doubt what would have happened, but it’s something that hopefully … won’t happen again. Fortunately it didn’t cost us seven points.

On Von Miller being one of the top defensive players in the league:

“I think the evidence on tape, after nine games, he would be in that conversation. We still have a lot of football left. … He’s definitely capable, he’s got a lot of great ability and he’s a neat young man that’s not afraid to work. So there’s no reason why he can’t continue to get better.”

On the defense improving over the course of the season:

“We’re actually executing better. A lot’s been mentioned about our development offensively, and it’s kind of the same. We’ve changed things quite a bit, scheme-wise, from a year ago, and we did lose four players on IR that were starters a year ago, so we had new players in there. And they just started executing better, doing there job, all 11 guys. That’s why I felt comfortable about us going to get better, because it wasn’t physical, it was more mental. And again it goes back to the leadership in that locker room and those guys wanting to get better, and they have.”

On losing two fumbles against the Panthers:

“It’s always a concern. Both our ability to recover fumbles — which we had a couple miscues in that; that’ll be an emphasis this week — and really the emphasis of not putting it on the ground. So those are things — you strive for perfection and you play these games and there’s some good things, but there are always things you can practice better and work on harder and it’ll be no different this week.”

On this week’s matchup with the Chargers, who have won three straight games in Denver:

“It’s a huge game; it almost counts as two games. It’s at our place. We haven’t won here in three years, so there’ll be a lot to play for — they’re a good football team, as we saw before. … We’re going to have to play well to win, just like every week.”

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