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Hulk Hogan Is Back!

Hulk Hogan Is Back!

For more than 25 years, the WWE has had a stranglehold (with a brief run by WCW in the 90’s) on the professional wrestling industry. Now, they might actually have a valid competitor in TNA, Total Nonstop Action Wrestling.  Starting next Monday, TNA iMPACT will air on Spike TV and is going to battle WWE Monday Night Raw head on in the same time slot.  The WCW and many other wrestling organizations have tried to compete against the WWE, but no one has had any long-term success. Much has been debated about this potential disastrous move by TNA, but Hulk Hogan believes they have a chance to knock off the big elephant in the room that is the WWE. Hogan will serve as the commissioner of TNA and has some familiar faces along with him such as: Kurt Angle, Ric Flair, and Mick Foley to name a few. What I am really excited about is Hulk Hogan will be stepping back into the ring and he will be fighting his old nemesis, “Nature Boy” Ric Flair. It will be interesting to these aging wrestlers (Hulk is 56 and Flair just turned 61) get after it like they used to, but it will be even more intriguing to see if TNA will succeed.  This seems like a good approach but I don’t believe it can be done. The WWE wins again. Hulk Hogan joined 106.7 The Fan in D.C. with the Junkies to talk about whether he can believe that he is still wrestling, his involvement with TNA, and whether he is publicly feuding with Vince McMahon.

Whether he can believe that he is still wrestling:

“Yeah. Because just like you guys, I am a junkie. I need the fix. I love this business. I just touch the ring and I get goosebumps like I am touching a female shaved body, brother. I am in for life.”

On what year he broke into the wrestling scene:

“I broke in 1977…  Brother, I was going out in Madison Square Garden when you were pooping in your diapers dude.”

Whether he is publicly feuding with Vince McMahon:

“Well I guess in Vince’s mind he probably wants to take an anvil on my chest and pin me for the one, two, three but at the end of the day it is a love hate relationship. I love Vince to death. I am so grateful for the opportunities that he gave me.  He has basically been the guy that keeps the business flowing you know.  We wish Vince no ill will, but what we are doing is we are giving the fans a choice. We are going to make the wrestling universe bigger like the last time we went head-to-head when I was with Ted Turner. He knows that the wrestling universe got about five million people bigger so it is going to be great for the fans and by the way, the talent out there in the WWE, they are rejoicing and celebrating because now they have got some choices too.”

Whether TNA is going to have a larger than life president like Vince McMahon:

“You will see that I am running the show. I am the guy. I am the commissioner. I am running TNA and then hang onto your hats because a couple of days later on Monday March 8, when we go to Monday nights, I am actually climbing into the ring, and I kind of got boxed in. I screwed up. I got boxed in. I am climbing in the ring for the first time in ten years on national TV. So hang on. You are going to find out that I am the commissioner. I am the one running the show and I am going to bring you up to speed just like your girlfriend and your kids are.”

How old Ric Flair is:

“Well I am fifty-six. I figure that he has got a couple of years on me. I do have the advantage because last week his wife just beat him up so I know that I am going to beat the hell of out him.”

How much Ric Flair’s chop to the chest hurts:

“That hurts a lot. Not as bad as when Andre the Giant chops you or the Big Show but it hurts.”

How his personal life is doing:

“You know what the deal is brother? My life is perfect since I switched gears and breathed clean air. I have got nothing but positive great people around me. Any little thing that is still left over is kind of a like a real life situation.  There are some things out there that are just some small temporary things. But everything is cool man.  Everything is behind me.”

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