How A Custom Golf Club Fitting can Lower Your Score

You have been playing golf~ You’ve been a golfer }for quite some time and now you are actually starting to get into the game. You have been working hard and your game has improved. You’ve lowered your handicap by taking lessons and practicing on the range. However, you are still using the same set of clubs that you bought off the rack at the pro shop or an old set you picked up from one of your pals . So now you are wondering if a set of custom made golf clubs can help lower your handicap . Most people who are not familiar with the game’s minute details probably think that all clubs are made the same . Well, this would be the same thing as saying that every person is built the same way – outrageous as it may be . A golf club, while having the same general characteristics for each club in terms of loft and length of shaft , are very different when comparing one model to another. This is because clubs can be built to fit the swing characteristics of each individual golfer which can help them get the most out of their current swing . Consider this , if a person is taller than 6 foot 2 inches or shorter than 5 foot 7 inches then clubs should likely be made either longer or shorter in length in order for the golfer to achieve the correct swing plane with their clubs .

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If the clubs are too short, then a person has to bend over more than should be required to strike the golf ball correctly . This adjusts their swing plane and, as a result , will affect the yardage that the ball can carry . If the clubs are too long, the golfer will have to grip the club further down the shaft on the golf club in order to swing around their body properly which will tend to affect the swing. Another thing that will dramatically affect how the golf ball carries is the flex of the golf club in relation to the swing speed of the golfer . If a golfer has a slow swing speed , then the shaft needs to have more bend in order to get the ball airborne . If the club is too stiff, then the golfer will not be able to get the club square at the point of impact either and will just end up with a slice . A golfer with a fast swing speed will require clubs that have less bend or flex in the shaft. If the club is too flexible , then the shaft will tend to roll over at impact and the golfer will generally just end up hooking the ball . So shaft flexibility is yet another reason why custom fit golf clubs is the the best approach for many golfers. When it comes to golf club shafts, there are thousands of various shafts on sale today. Each one has its own particular specifications in terms of flex (how much it bends), flex point (where it bends), and torque (the level of twist of the shaft ). Each spec will change how the golf ball comes off the club face at impact depending on the swing tempo and how upright or flat the swing of the golfer. Matching the specifications of the golf club shaft to the golfer is a requirement of the custom fitting process.

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