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Hakeem Nicks Broken Foot Rehab Update Giants


The biggest question mark surrounding the defending Super Bowl champion New York Giants might involve the team’s top receiver, Hakeem Nicks. The 1,000-yard receiver broke his foot last month in organized team activities. The good news is that Nicks is supposed to be back by mid-August, but the bad news is that foot injuries are unpredictable for wide receivers. Hakeem Nicks joined Chris McClain and Jim Celania on WFNZ in his hometown of Charlotte to discuss his rehab, the injury itself and his long-term plan beyond football.

On if he’ll be ready for training camp:

“Definitely making training camp. I started running about two weeks [ago] but the coaches don’t really want me to force the issue right now so I still haven’t started running yet. They want me to just take my time with it — they feel like that’s what’s best. So right now I’m just taking my time with it. … But I’ll definitely be ready for the season.”

On if he knew right away he broke:

“Yeah, I know right away. I felt it. I heard it in my body. It was like a little snap on the side of my foot. I knew it right away. I walked off the field, didn’t nobody even know. I just walked off the field and told the trainers on the side, ‘I think I just broke a bone in my foot.’”

On if he’s in a cast or a walking boot:

“No, I’m not in nothing no more.”

On his long-term plan beyond playing football:

“I think I’ve got like an idea, but I’m still in the game right now so I just focused on playing football. But I think I have a idea. Probably have to do something with coaching or something like that. I love the game of football so

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