Gavin Maloof On Sacramento Returning To Glory

Deep down, Gavin Maloof and the Maloof family can’t be happy they fell three spots in the NBA Draft lottery to the number four pick.  After finishing with the worst record, you’d have to be stupid to expect anything different, however.  In only two of the last 21 draft lotteries has the team with the worst record actually drawn the number one pick.  Say what you want about the Maloofs but stupid they are not.  Many have questioned whether or not they are willing to ante up in order to acquire some established talent to support their youthful core.  In this interview, Gavin gets pretty animated responding to those critics.  If you’re a Kings fan listening to this, you’d have to feel pretty smiley hearing Gavin’s passion.  Gavin Maloof joined KHTK in Sacramentoto discuss his feelings after falling three rungs, why his scouting department is different, and the critics counting out his team.

Are you upset you didn’t get the number one pick?

“We’re gonna get a great player, I mean, we’re gonna get a great player.  A number four pick in the NBA is tremendous – people should be excited.  I’m not mad at all, I’m very excited… Don’t be negative, be positive… Forget number one, it didn’t happen, so forget about it.”

What has your scouting department been up to?

“Geoff (Petrie) has worked very, very, very hard.  He went to Europe twice in like two weeks.  He and Mike Dunleavy are the only two American coaches or scouts to see this (Ricky) Rubio kid.  He’s done his homework and all of our scouts have done their homework and they’ve looked at all these players throughout the years since they were in junior high.  We know everything about them: psychologically, mentally, physically, so, we’ve done our homework.  We’re gonna get a really, really, exciting player for this franchise.”

Are you willing to go out and spend money to make your team better?

“I don’t even know why they should question that because we’ve done that in the past.  We’ve paid the luxury tax in the past when we had a team competing for the championship.  That shouldn’t even be a question so I’m not gonna answer it… If there’s a good free agent available, we’ll go out and get the free agent.  It’s what we’ve done.  Know the future and know the past, and know this: that we’re gonna turn this franchise around.  Everybody that’s counting us out, well, count us out, you can go ahead and count us out, but don’t count out the Maloofs, ’cause we’re gonna turn this franchise around.”

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