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Greg Lewis Is The Unlikely Recipient Of Brett Favres Latest Magical Moment

Greg Lewis Is The Unlikely Recipient of Brett Favre’s Latest Magical Moment
September 29, 2009 – 5:30 am by Bunk
He wasn’t even supposed to be in the game that play. But with fellow wide receiver Percy Harvin exhausted following seven straight deep patterns, the unheralded and unknown Greg Lewis was inserted in his place on what turned out to be the game-winning play of Minnesota’s . In the huddle before the play, Favre told his receivers to just keep moving if he broke contain in the pocket. Lewis did just that, drifting to the back of the end zone as Favre sidestepped pressure and drifted to his right. Favre’s laser somehow squeezed in between multiple San Francisco defenders and was caught by Lewis. It wasn’t clear at first though if he had dragged his toes in bounds. Video replay confirmed he had and the Vikings won a thriller in Favre’s home opener with Minnesota. Lewis joined KFAN in Minneapolis to relive the big play.
On if his phone blew up after the huge game-winning touchdown reception:
“I got about 30 or so text messages, and about 10 or so  phone calls and voicemails and what not. I really didn’t get a chance to talk to anybody or anything because I was celebrating my wife’s birthday, so I sort of didn’t talk to anybody right now, or right then. But I got back to everybody today.”
On if he imagined his first touchdown reception in Minnesota could be this monumentally huge:
“No, it ranks up pretty high of what I imagined it could be like. And it felt just as good. It was just an exciting moment for me, the team, the city, and everybody involved with the catch and the throw and everything it encompassed. It was just an unbelievable feeling and an unbelievable situation.”
On if he has time to think about dragging his toes in a situation like that or if it’s just instinctual in the heat of the moment:

“I think it’s instinctual. When I was in Philadelphia, we worked on the sideline drill and tapping your feet and keeping them in bounds and dragging your feet everyday. And since I got here, Stu [Wilkinson] has had us doing the exact same thing, so I mean, it becomes second nature for you to try to get your feet in and drag that second foot. So it feels natural to me. I didn’t know whether I was in or not. I just knew what the drill encompassed and what we had to do with the drill. So I took that situation as a drill and tried to stay in bounds.”

On if he was certain that he had dragged his feet in bounds right after the play as it went to be reviewed:
“No, I was not certain at all. All I knew was I caught the ball, and the back judge or whatever he’s called, the referee, said it was a touchdown. So I knew they was going to review it. Whether I was in or whether I was out, I don’t know. I just knew he called it a touchdown from the beginning, so I was excited about that part.”

Listen here to Lewis with Dan Barreiro on KFAN in Minneapolis (17:40 into podcast)
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