Good Job Good Effort Kid Isn’t Giving Up On The Miami Heat


The big story on Tuesday night was that the Miami Heat imploded at home and fell behind the Boston Celtics 3-2 in the Eastern Conference Finals. The much cooler story, however, at least in my opinion, was the rise to fame of Jack Meyers, a nine-year-old die-hard Heat fan who became an internet sensation when his voice was caught on national television yelling to Heat players — as they walked off from the loss — “Good job! Good effort!” Meyers’ father, Jim, didn’t even realize his son had become an instant hit until midway through the next day. By now there are memes, tweets, apparel and more surrounding the sayings.

It has also helped some realize that there is still some innocence when it comes to sports. If you don’t believe me, just listen to and read the following interview. Jim and Jack Meyers joined 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston with Toucher and Rich to discuss the rise to fame, Jack’s fandom when it comes to the Heat, what Jim was thinking when his son went over by the Heat tunnel, everything that’s been said on the internet since, if Jack would trade Dwyane Wade for Dwight Howard and Jack’s thoughts on Kevin Garnett.

Jim, at what point did you realize that your son had become an internet sensation?:

“I didn’t realize it until about midway through the morning. My secretary and paralegal told me they had recognized his voice so I mentioned it to somebody who was a lot more internet savvy than I was and they Googled “good job kid Miami” and we saw it. It was a pretty amazing thing.”

How many games has Jack been to this season?:

“He’s probably only been to about seven or eight games. He likes the cheap seats. He doesn’t always get to sit in the good seats. But he loves it. He would do anything to go to a Miami Heat game.”

What was he like after that loss when he went over to the tunnel?:

“That’s something he’s been working on. He gets really upset when they lose, so he’s been working on that. He was feeling their pain, as they say. When he went over to the tunnel I wasn’t sure what he was going to say or do. When everybody was leaving, he scooted his way over. He knew he needed to say something to the players.”

Jack, what are some of the things you’ve heard or seen since your moment of fame?:

“I’ve seen lots of good writing. I’ve seen some bad writing.”

You’re not going to give up on your team are you?:

“No, I would never give up on the Miami Heat. I would even try to sneak on their plane if I had to.”

Would you trade Dwyane Wade for Dwight Howard?:

“Never! Dwyane Wade is amazing. He can score; he can rebound. He’s one of the best defenders in the league yet manages to be an amazing offensive player also.”

What do you think of Kevin Garnett?:

“Well, I have two names for Kevin Garnett: Kevin GarNOT and the next one I’m not going to say. It doesn’t have any curse words, but I’m not saying it though.”

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