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Golden Tate Doesn’t Believe He Did Anything Wrong When Blocking Sean Lee

Golden Tate Doesn’t Believe He Did Anything Wrong When Blocking Sean Lee
September 18, 2012 – 6:30 am by Brad Gagnon
The Seattle Seahawks shocked the Dallas Cowboys with a dominant performance Sunday, with the key to success being the physical edge the Seahawks possessed throughout the game. The highlight from that perspective came when Golden Tate unloaded on Sean Lee with a devastating block, which may or may not draw a fine from the league office.

Golden Tate joined Dave “Softy” Mahler on KJR in Seattle to discuss the block, whether he thinks he’ll be fined for it and whether he thought it was illegal.
On his huge block on Sean Lee:
“I don’t think I hit him as hard as it looked, to be honest. I felt fine. The comparison I gave was any time you hit a baseball bat square, you don’t really feel it that much, or hitting a perfect drive. That was the feeling I got, kind of. It didn’t hurt me, my neck feels fine, I’m not very sore today. So I made it out of that one safely.”
On if he’s heard from the league about a fine yet:
“I haven’t. … Praying that I don’t. … I never have intentions on injuring a player. Just kind of caught up in the moment and it was a big block that gave us some momentum and helped us out. But I haven’t heard anything from the league, but if I do I’m sure everyone will find out quickly. Hopefully I don’t.”
On if he expects to get fined:
“I really don’t because … I don’t think I did anything wrong, but only time will tell. We’ll see what the NFL office says and we’ll go from there.”
On if he thinks he led with his helmet:
“I didn’t think I was leading with my helmet and I think I purposely aimed lower than I think anyone else would have because I didn’t want to get head-to-head contact and I had no interest in hurting him. So no, I didn’t lead with my head. I didn’t think so.”
On Lee saying he’d have an advantage if each player squared up and faced each other one-on-one:
“He has his own opinion. … I’d be upset if I was on that highlight, being crushed. But I’m a lover not a fighter so if it came one-on-one we’ll deal with that whenever that time comes.”
Listen to Golden Tate on KJR here
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