Don’t Expect Jon “Bones” Jones To Lose His Belt Anytime Soon


Don’t Expect Jon “Bones” Jones to Lose His Belt Anytime Soon
by Chris Fedor

The Jon “Bones” Jones era in the UFC has officially begun. Not only did Jones take down and apprehend a robber prior to his championship fight against Shogun Rua, he then wasted no time dismantling the former champion inside the cage. Rua was by far the toughest opponent that Jones has faced in his UFC career and Bones crushed him for two and a half rounds to become the youngest champion in UFC history at 23 years of age.After he got past a helpless Rua, it was announced that Jones will fight his training partner “Sugar” Rashad Evans next. Evans is a former champion himself and has looked impressive at times inside the cage, but with the way Jones looked against Rua, it appears as if it’s going to be a long reign at the top of light heavyweight division for Bones.Jon “Bones” Jones joined 790 the Ticket in Miami with Dan LeBatard to talk about whether or not he was surprised by how easy he made the fight look against “Shogun,” what has changed for him since his win over Rua, whether or not he thinks he is one of the best pound-for-pound fighters in the world, what happened with the robber prior to his fight, and his next scheduled fight against Rashad Evans.

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How surprised he was at how easily he beat Rua:

“Yeah I was surprised. I made the statement before the fight that I was excited about the fight because I would go through a lot of adversity through the fight and learn a lot about fighting which I did. But yeah I was definitely expecting more of a bloody war, but hard work pays off.”

What has changed since becoming the champion:

“A lot of people are a lot more friendly, I get referred to as champ a lot, but besides that things are pretty much the same. Just hanging out with my family and trying to keep it as close to normal as possible.”

Whether or not he is one of the best pound-for-pound fighters in the UFC:

“That’s everyone else’s opinion. I just try to be the best I can be each moment I’m living. (Host: They can have their opinion.) Okay, Okay. I will say it. I think I’m getting pretty good. (Host: Yes or no, you consider yourself one of the best pound-for-pound fighters in the world?) Yeah I do. I do.”

If he wants to be the best:

“Yeah absolutely. That’s my goal to be the best champion ever.”

What happened with the robber prior to his fight:

“I pull up to a park and I see this guy sprinting away and this woman saying somebody just broke into my house and went up to my car and I need help. Me and my coaches were chasing after this guy. We catch the guy, give the woman her GPS back, and it was a wonderful day. I did what most men would do so I don’t know.”

On his upcoming fight with Evans:

“It’s gonna be a great fight. We train together and I’m sure he has an idea of what he needs to do against me, but I’m excited for the fight. There’s a lot of things that he needs to study. I’ve already found a lot of tendencies in his game. I’m very confident and I’m excited.”

On what is the best way to beat him:

“(Joking) Maybe come at me with a pair of breasts. I probably wouldn’t hit you back.”

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