Donovan McNabb Just Can’t Avoid Controversy


He’s been able to avoid blitzers and huge defensive ends for the majority of his career, but he can’t seem to avoid controversy.  Much of the controversy about Donovan McNabb isn’t his fault.  See Rush Limbaugh, the fans wanting Ricky Williams, and Terrell Owens.  He’s been in the league for ten years and somehow always manages to be in the news.  This year it was getting benched, wanting a new contract, picking up the phone on the Giants sideline, and now his comments on WIP with Howard Eskin where he indirectly blamed the defense for the loss against the Cardinals. Part of me thinks McNabb likes the controversy just to see, hear, and read about himself.. After his comments to Howard Eskin, former All-Pro linebacker and beloved Eagle Jeremiah Trotter rips McNabb to Angelo Cataldi on WIP.

Here are some of Trotter’s more biting quotes:

“It’s just a fact, he hasn’t done it in big games. Look at the Championship Games, the Super Bowl, he hasn’t produced in the big game.”

“He had plenty of time to score and possibly tie the game up, but he just didn’t come through.”

“Donovan has never really taken the blame for playing bad.  A guy like myself and Dawkins or Hugh, would always say, hey we played bad, we need to step it up next week.”

“He knows what he’s saying. He knows he’s throwing the defense under the bus.  He’s just trying to do it in a real sly way. And he’s kinda insulting peoples’ intelligence like they can’t read into it.”

“I really believe it’s time for Donovan to just go to another team.  I don’t think Donovan wants to be here.  Donovan’s not going to come out and say it, but people would respect him more if he came out and just told the truth.  Donovan really doesn’t want to be an Eagle.  I don’t think he’s ever been happy here.”

Listen to Jeremiah Trotter on WIP with Angelo Cataldi

Is it time for McNabb to find a new area code?

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