Anquan Boldin: ‘I know Of 15 Teams That Were Willing To Do Exactly What It Took To Get Me And Make A Trade Happen.’

After all the talk this past offseason about where Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Anquan Boldin would end up playing in 2009 and beyond, turns out it was all for not. Boldin is still out in the desert and with the Cardinals, albeit still without the long-term contract that he’s been interested in. Boldin joined XTRA Sports 910 in Phoenix to talk about the long offseason, all the distractions that went with it, letting his previous agent Drew Rosenhaus go, his boxing training and how he’s just excited to get the pads back on and go to work.

On how boxing, his work out sport of choice this offseason, got him ready for football this season:

“First of all, if you get in to boxing shape, that’s probably the best shape you can get in to. It’s unbelievable. I have a new found respect for boxers, though I had a respect for the sport before for what they did. But actually getting in there and sparring and training. So getting in boxing shape is incredible. Plus, you have to have you footwork down to get in the boxing ring plus your hand-eye coordination responding, plus getting hit, taking a hit, giving hits. There’s definitely a cross-over to football.”

On new agent Tom Condon and what he thinks of him after letting his former agent Drew Rosenhaus go:

“I think he’s one of the better agents in this league. Well respected around the league. So you know, I have a real, real good respect for him and I think he’ll get the job done.”

On if he’s thought about just playing out his current contract and waiting to hit the open market in two years before worrying about contract matters again:

“Definitely, especially this offseason hearing all the hoopla surrounding whatever. I mean some things were said – I’m not even in the country – some people said I said this or that and I’m not even in the country, which was unbelievable. Like I said, I didn’t want to talk about the situation at all this offseason. When people asked me about it, I kind of brushed it away. I answered it but I wasn’t really specific about anything. Then I get back from wherever I am, and they said I said this, you know, it was on ESPN. And I’m like, you’ve got to be kidding me. I guess it’s part of the business, but if people are going to report something, report the facts. If I have anything to say, people can ask me and I’ll tell them. I’m an honest guy, I’m straight up with anybody, no matter who that person is. But you know, for me, yes I did just think about playing.”

On the possibility of him being traded this past offseason and how close he thinks a deal was to getting done:

“Honestly, I know of 15 teams – this is a league where everyone communicates. So you have players everywhere – guys that I work out with in Florida, guys that I’m friends with – and they talk to their GMs, and they relay messages back and forth. So, I know of 15 teams that were willing to do exactly what it took to get me and make a trade happen. But the Cardinals were never specific about what they wanted. They only said if the right deal came along. But what is the right deal if you’ve never said it? But I never thought once that I’d be traded and I wasn’t disappointed that it didn’t happen.”

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