DeAngelo Hall on the Redskins Seven Game Winning Streak: “11 gets us to where we want to be”


The Redskins season got off to a rough start. In early November, it looked like the ‘Skins playoff chances had already faded away. However, thanks to a seven game winning streak to close out the season, including Sunday night’s win over the Dallas Cowboys, Washington is back in the postseason. It won’t be easy to make it eight straight wins but Washington has gotten hot at the right time and the nation’s capitol will be electric in anticipation of Sunday’s game against the Seattle Seahawks. DeAngelo Hall joined 106.7 the Fan in Washington D.C. with LaVar and Dukes to talk about how the team turned things around after a 3-6 start to the season, how much better it is for the Redskins to play on Sunday as opposed to Saturday, whether he did anything special to get in the head of Dez Bryant the other night, if he thinks Washington can go on a Giants-like run this season and whether they feel like they have an advantage when it comes to playing Russell Wilson and the Seahawks because they get to practice against Robert Griffin III.

How the team was able to turn things around after a 3-6 start to the season:

“We had a long journey ahead of us. We knew if we took it one game at a time and obviously that 3-6 team couldn’t get it done so some things had to change. We had to be more critical of ourselves, we had to get better and we tried to do that. We’ve been slowly getting better each game and trying to learn from the mistakes we make and our coaching staff has done a great job. I think they’re the unsung heroes in this whole turnaround. This NFC East Championship goes to them. It goes to our Front Office, Bruce Allen and those guys, Dan Snyder, and like I said the whole coaching staff and Mike (Shanahan), he deserves it. Really happy for those guys, even moreso than I am for myself.”

Whether playing on Sunday as opposed to Saturday helps:

“Absolutely. Any time you get an extra day you take it so that’s an extra day of gameplanning, an extra day that we can use to heal up and learn our opponent a little better.”

If he did anything special the other night to get in the head of Dallas wide receiver Dez Bryant:

“Not at all. Didn’t really even do any talking to him. He caught a couple of balls on me One was kind of on a scramble drill where Tony (Romo) got outside the pocket, he kind of pushed off, I kind of slipped and then I kind of tapped him on the helmet and was like ‘good catch.’ That’s kind of how I kept it all game. I didn’t feel like it was me versus him. I wanted our guys to come out there and win the game. I knew me and him, matchup, was going to be a big part of that but it wasn’t going to be the only part of that equation but I try to go out there and have fun. I try to go out there and have as much fun as possible and I did, I did. Anytime you can come out and get a win in a game like this that means so much for this city, this team, the organization, man I’m on cloud nine.”

Whether he thinks the Redskins can go on a Giants-like run to finish the season:

“Yeah we knew at 3-6 that we had to run off some games and run off a streak. We’re at seven right now but I feel like everybody’s goal is 11. 11 gets us to where we want to be and that’s to the promised land. Our names will be etched forever so that’s really where we want to be but we will continue to take it one at a time, we have Seattle coming in here this week and guys are amped up about that matchup and they’re a physical, tough team just like us. They have a quarterback that moves around just like us, great defense, great secondary and they have been playing great, great football. We’re going to have our hands full with those guys and it’s going to be physical and tough. I can remember going up there last year and almost fighting at the coin toss so they don’t like us and we don’t like them. It’s going to be a heck of a game.”

How much practicing against Robert Griffin III will help when it comes to playing against Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks:

“It’s a little bit different. I haven’t really gotten a chance to critique their offense but Russell is a little bit different kind of athlete than Robert. Robert is a little more straight line fast where this kid kind of has a little more juke than actual speed but he has good pocket awareness and haven’t really seen how they’ve been putting their points up but they’ve been putting up a lot of points these last three weeks and we’re going to have our hands full as a defense keeping those guys out of the end zone and our offense is definitely going to have their hands full with that defense they’ve got.”

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