DeAndre Jordan on His Monster Dunk Over Brandon Knight

DeAndre Jordan has given us one of the highlights of the year in the NBA. No, not Blake Griffin, but his less-heralded, high-flying teammate, who posterized Brandon Knight Sunday with a monster dunk on an alley-oop. DeAndre Jordan joined Petros and Money on Fox Sports Radio to discuss his huge dunk on Brandon Knight, the immediate reaction, teammate Chris Paul, his struggles at the line, and whether this moment might give him a chance to meet fellow Texas A&M alum Johnny Manziel.

On his dunk on Knight:

“It was a great pass by Chris. He set me up pretty nice, man, and honestly I didn’t see Brandon until I caught the ball, and then it was too late for me to do anything else but dunk it after that.”

On his immediate reaction when he dunked:

“Right after I dunked it I saw him fall and I heard a big thud, so I was kind of looking to see if he was all right. And then I looked at my teammates and their reactions; they were jumping off the bench. I don’t know if you see it, but Matt Barnes sprinted all the way down to the end of the court. Ronny Turiaf just laid on the ground. So I didn’t see the dunk until after the game, but I just get my reactions and how the dunk was off my teammates and how crazy they are, and the crowd’s reaction.”

On Chris Pauls’ competitiveness:

“That’s stemming from that short man’s complex. Chris is a great leader, man. He might be the smallest guy on the court, but he has the biggest mouth in a good way. He knows the game, he’s one of the smartest players that I ever played with. He sees things before they happen.”

On his occasional struggles at the free-throw line:

“I feel like it’s all just mental, man. Once you practice enough and get your shot down, and it’s not left and right, it’s just long or short, it just becomes second nature, you just knock those down. Hopefully in the playoffs, you get a fresh start — everything starts over in the playoffs — so I could be a 70-percent shooter in the playoffs and I’d be fine with that.”

On if the dunk has earned him a meeting with Johnny Manziel (they both went to Texas A&M):

“I would hope so. I just wanna get a pic with him doing the Heisman pose.”

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