Darrelle Revis On The Dolphins Choosing To Throw At Him: “it Gives Me Opportunities To Make More Plays.”

Darrelle Revis on the Dolphins choosing to throw at him: “It gives me opportunities to make more plays.”

It’s still puzzling as to why the Miami Dolphins would throw so much at Darrelle Revis. They certainly paid a steep price for it in the first half of their Week 6 loss to the New York Jets. After the Jets misplayed a kickoff in the first quarter, the Dolphins had an opportunity to cash in on a turnover that would surely help build momentum in a game they looked to be overmatched in. Well it was all for not as Matt Moore was picked off while targeting Brandon Marshall. Revis returned the ball back 100-yards for a touchdown, and the interception by No.24 was the turning point of the game and a big boost for a Jets offense that was abysmal in the first half against Miami. The Jets snapped a three game losing streak with the 24-6 victory over the Dolphins and now face a big challenge on Sunday taking on the San Diego Chargers coming off a bye. This will sure be a statement game for both squads.Darrelle Revis joined ESPN New York with The Michael Kay Show to discuss his interception return for a touchdown being a turning point in the New York Jets victory over the Miami Dolphins, being surprised the Dolphins threw at his side of the field so much, the importance of the win over the Dolphins, the Jets struggles in the first half of the game, the difficulty of playing the San Diego Chargers during a short week of preparation and the issue between Santonio Holmes and Brandon Moore being settled in the locker room.

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How big was your interception for this team?

“I don’t want to say…it was just a change of momentum. It was something where I had an opportunity to make a play for the team and ended up being a touchdown. It was a big boost for us to make a turnover, but also it was a big momentum changer for us too.”

Were you surprised the Dolphins targeted your direction as often as they did early in the game?

“No. No I wasn’t. I knew the matchup during the week the whole time going up against Brandon Marshall, so I expected them to throw him the ball at all times and utilize him. He is their best receiver on the team, so I didn’t think they would shy away from me. It was great with the competition and the quarterbacks throwing at me because it gives me opportunities to make more plays.”

How big was the win over the Miami Dolphins for this team after losing three in a row?

“It was real big. A three game losing streak is very tough around work. Every little thing and every little technique is coached ‘down to a tee.’ It’s very tense in there, so it’s just good to get this win and relax and enjoy it and get back to just winning. I think that is the biggest thing for our team.”

Do you think that the Jets played very well on Monday against the Dolphins?

“I think we played good. We played pretty good, but there is always mistakes in games, but you try to shrink them down to minimums. Overall I think just the effort…the effort was there for us. We played very hard and executed when the time was needed.”

Is it difficult to play on a short week against a Chargers team that is coming off a bye?

“We are used to it. This is our schedule. We have to go by the way our schedule is structured and this is what it is. We have to work very hard this week and be focused within the game plan and make sure we are ready and prepared for San Diego.”

Lets go back to last week. Is there a problem between guys in the locker room, particularly Santonio Holmes and Brandon Moore? Has it been settled?

“There is not a problem in the locker room. Santonio [Holmes] is one of our leaders and captains on the team. I really think he said it out of frustration. Trust me after losing three games in a row people are very frustrated and Santonio is just one of the guys that was outspoken about it. I feel he probably didn’t mean it. He probably said it out of frustration. Everything is cool and guys just want to win. I think that’s where the frustration just came from with losing three games. Guys just want to win so bad.”

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