Dallas Cowboys Receiver Kevin Ogletree Becomes An Overnight Sensation

Dallas Cowboys Receiver Kevin Ogletree Becomes An Overnight Sensation

Kevin Ogletree says that he knows all 0.1 percent of the fantasy football population that started him in Week One. The Dallas Cowboys wide receiver joked that it’s because only his friends started him, but it was no joke to them as he caught eight passes for 114 yards and a pair of touchdowns in the Cowboys’ season-opening victory over the New York Giants. Fantasy players have been snatching Ogletree up like mad ever since as they hope he can put up similar numbers to breakout receiver Laurent Robinson last year. But Ogletree says he’s not focused on putting up Robinson-like numbers, that he wants to simply put up the numbers he knows that he can. Kevin Ogletree joined ESPN Dallas with The Ben and Skin Show to discuss the hype he’s got since the big game, the difference this year to last year, a family situation that has inspired him, his connection with Tony Romo, if he can match Laurent Robinson’s stats from last year and being a fantasy football sensation.

How crazy have the media requests been since you had the breakout game on Wednesday night?:

“The first surprising one that was pretty big was right after the game I was up there with DeMarcus and Tony and I was like, ‘What’s going on?’ I didn’t really grasp that one quickly, but there’s people that went to talk about the game.”

What is the difference this year compared to last year, when you had 15 catches?:

“Just the opportunity couldn’t get any greater, being on this team now and having the impression from our guys, our coaches, that we’re going about it the right way. I know we’ve got the right guys … and I want to be great right now with these guys that I have around me.”

Some people seem to be pointing to a family situation. What happened there and how did that affect you?:

“It was violence, just bottom line, my brother got hurt in a little dispute, whatever you want to call it, back where we’re from in Queens, and suffered a traumatic brain injury. It kind of put things in perspective a little bit for my family and myself. God has been good to our family my whole life, but the nine months have been an adjustment. … It kind of shook me up and showed me where I needed to be as far as my profession.”

Do you feel a different connection with Tony Romo than you guys have had before?:

“Tony and I have been great friends, I think. Throughout my time here, he’s been one of the most helpful people as far as coming along and doing things the right way and, realistically, how he wants them to be done on the field. He’s been a great mentor, obviously a great player, and you want to keep a good rapport with not only a quarterback, but great people like that.”

Do you think you can put up the stats that Laurent Robinson put up last year?:

“I’m hoping to have my kind of year, honestly, just the one I know I can have, the one I’ve been working for for a while now. I’ve got big shoes to fill, but I don’t look to be like anyone else. To help this team like he did would be awesome, but just with a couple more Ws.”

Do you play fantasy football or care about it enough to think about people out there scrambling to pick you up?:

“I know that, first of all, I don’t play. I haven’t been a fan since college. I think it was kind of a bad thing. … I think it’s a great deal, I just haven’t participated in it. I can tell you this, I know all 0.1% of the guys that started me [in Week 1] because they’re my friends.”

Who is the leader of this football team and what kind of stamp has coach Jason Garrett put on it?:

“Coach Garrett’s stamp is to be who you are every day, come to work and focus on being coached and doing things the right way. We’re all bought in and the leader of our team … I couldn’t name just one. There’s guys that do things better than anybody in the world at their position and they lead by doing that. There’s guys that can block anyone in the league and lead by doing that. There’s some vocal guys who can get us juiced up at practice at 9:45 in the morning.”

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